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  1. Part 04 "The next day, I decided to start planting some random seeds that I found on the ground. Although I can kill creatures to eat meat, it is not the most delicious." "With time passing, I learn more and more to use my Matter Manipulator, after all, I received it moments before the end of the Earth. To train, I decide to increase my house, but I ended up leaving in half unfortunately. I still have the first floor intact so it's not a problem." "By creating tunnels under the earth in search of more resources, I come across a portal. I ca
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  2. Welcome to the gates of The Knights Radiant! To become a member, you need to register on the forums and post a new topic in the Welcome Station with the following format: Ingame Ruler: Link to Nation: Previous Alliances and reasons for leaving: (put N/A if you're new to the game) Do you owe anything (money, resources, etc.) to anybody in the game? Recruited by: After posting an application, you need to remain active as additional questions may be asked of you in the application topic. Alternatively, after posting, you may request a real-tim
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  3. Knights Radiant is much more than an alliance - we are a proud community that enjoys various games. With a long history in Politics & War and extensive experience in games similar to it, we aim to be the best and we know we have to tools to achieve greatness. The question is - do you have what it take to take this journey with us? Our requirements: Activity: log into the game regularly and you'll be fine. Post an application on our forum and Slack. You need to be ready to have fun! What we can offer you: Aid for nation building Kn
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