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    Use or no use, they're an inherently irreplaceable part of our theme and the fantasy environment that we try to replicate. They help with the atmosphere, recruitment and the mystical feeling you get when you first join. Whether I shout it out loud, participate/create events or talk in our channels, I am stoneward for life, and that's all that matters to me and a lot of other people. It's more about the feeling than the use.
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    I am going for beastiality for sure
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    Oh... snap. I had it backwards... I guess me thinking Japan has Fed seven monkeys upside doing while snorting cocaine and meth and having three looky-lous videoing and so forth is wrong... I should be looking at Pdunny and Modi for that... LMAO. that makes a lot more sense...
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    what about legs? Do you realise you are in an alliance with a serious leg cult and you make a poll about transport and not include legs. This doesn't bode well for you friend. You might go missing (without your legs).
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