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    Use or no use, they're an inherently irreplaceable part of our theme and the fantasy environment that we try to replicate. They help with the atmosphere, recruitment and the mystical feeling you get when you first join. Whether I shout it out loud, participate/create events or talk in our channels, I am stoneward for life, and that's all that matters to me and a lot of other people. It's more about the feeling than the use.
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    I am going for beastiality for sure
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    Oh... snap. I had it backwards... I guess me thinking Japan has Fed seven monkeys upside doing while snorting cocaine and meth and having three looky-lous videoing and so forth is wrong... I should be looking at Pdunny and Modi for that... LMAO. that makes a lot more sense...
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    what about legs? Do you realise you are in an alliance with a serious leg cult and you make a poll about transport and not include legs. This doesn't bode well for you friend. You might go missing (without your legs).
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    PDunny, Modi, Sojo, Goldy, Radoje, Miller, Benfro
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    All losses are sad. I say John McCain, a man who was a fellow vet, a fighter pilot in Vietnam. he had his plane go down and was captured and tortured by the Vietnamese, who later came home and went in to politics and had some arguably great moments (and some bad ones), and ultimately succumbed to brain cancer... where at the end he literally said "I'm ready to die"... it shows the power of cancer to take out a man like him who would stand up to anyone. That's sad in my book.
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    I remember when I was in elementary school and they created what they called a "lab" and we were all in awe of these things they called computers. We had like 8 for the entire school and we felt damn special to get to go the lab for 45 minutes once a week. My oxen pulled my wagon towards Oregon and I usually died from dysentery, but I didn't care, it wasn't school, it was a computer game in school. In Middle School my Dad found an Atari system all boxed up at a garage sale for like $5. So he bought it, and we set it up and would play PacMan, pong, centipede, and other terribly simple games in the basement for hours on end. In high school I got tetris added to my TI-86 calculator and I am pretty sure I missed out on dating because of that stupid game. So many girls, so much wasted time trying to set a new high score (my TI-86 record was 57k, best in the school, but a little shy of the world records back in those days for that calculator (59k - if you tell me you had a higher score on your TI-83 I will punch you in the face because it wasn't the same game! Let's not re-hash that argument because I will play your TI-83 and crush your record the first time I play it like I did to that stupid Jonathon kid 20 years ago!!!) - I was trying ALL OF THE TIME to eek out just one or two more tetrises at the level 17 or 18 range, it was so fast I never got past the mid 50k range but could almost always get past 40k score.) I also was really good at Dr. Mario on N-64, I never lost to anyone that started on the same level as me in head to head match-ups. Oh, the days when I was good at things. Also in high school I found www.itsyourturn.com and in college I found www.brainking.com which allowed far more games and did that for many many years. Each were turn based board game sites. I played there until I finally gave it up because of some new dumb game I found where it's about war and politics or something like that... I guess I also do clash of clans when I am really bored. There is my life story in the gaming world. It's pretty sad, I know, but work is boring and I have time to kill so why not write a bunch stuff that no one cares about?
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    I launched a new channel & managed to hit affiliate this month. I was wondering if I could get a little TKR support?
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    My name is modi, I too am a devIAnt
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    Yeah baby, join the asocial team! Oh wait, we are asocial, teams are no no for us
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    Long Live the blockades we blew through I had the time of my life fighting Roq-bots with you
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    Blackie gets the nomination for most improved everytime, it's because he always improves? No because he started from the bottom
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    I think there's something being organized in the student dorm for everyone living here but since their idea of "fun" for absolutely every party includes mandatory costuming, my standard reply to all of their invites is
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    Can't click casted votes. Bike not an option. 70% of my outdoor transportation is by bike. And yes, I've chosen an emoji this large on purpose.
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    UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, German, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Turkey, Mexico, Afghanistan, Pakistan, UAE, Ireland, Greece Iraq Cyprus
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    Petition to make "Full Fap February" a thing
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    Can't remember, I stopped going to gigs when standing longer than 10 mins started giving me chronic kidney pain. Well that and when I went to see the Foo Fighters and there were people there who were not born when I got into the Foos in '95 (made me feel very old).
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    1. Talking with the community and meeting all the people. 2. Participating in the running of the alliance by taking staff jobs. 3. Fighting alongside the best and the most fiercest fighters in the game. 4. Being a part of a community that upholds the most elite and honorable principals. 5. The history and experiences I've been through with my alliance mates. 6. Our merit based government that promotes based on skill and effort. 7. Low taxes, great grants, investments, interest free loans. 8. Freedom to shape my nation to my liking and grow to any tier I want. 9. Being a part of the most active alliance and community in the game. And there are many more that other people can prob come up with
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    With me finishing college for the month, I can be active once more, which means more movie night!!!! Since it is the season of holidays the movie for this month will be a holiday movie EDIT Yes I know there are two 8pm options, yes it a mistake, no im not fixing it
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    Three hours before update work for everyone?
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    Celery is a big one too, so much so it’s on our list in the station
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    Baseball to earn money to play keno... because I am always in bill-lock.
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    Youtube but I don't upload videos or make comments Instagram but I never made a post But I have many forum accounts
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    I have youtube and google I do not trust any of the others...and don't want all those people bothering me
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    I last saw Deadpool 2. Looking forward to the new Fantastic Beasts in a few weeks.
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