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    I am going for beastiality for sure
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    Oh... snap. I had it backwards... I guess me thinking Japan has Fed seven monkeys upside doing while snorting cocaine and meth and having three looky-lous videoing and so forth is wrong... I should be looking at Pdunny and Modi for that... LMAO. that makes a lot more sense...
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    PDunny, Modi, Sojo, Goldy, Radoje, Miller, Benfro
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    All losses are sad. I say John McCain, a man who was a fellow vet, a fighter pilot in Vietnam. he had his plane go down and was captured and tortured by the Vietnamese, who later came home and went in to politics and had some arguably great moments (and some bad ones), and ultimately succumbed to brain cancer... where at the end he literally said "I'm ready to die"... it shows the power of cancer to take out a man like him who would stand up to anyone. That's sad in my book.
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    I remember when I was in elementary school and they created what they called a "lab" and we were all in awe of these things they called computers. We had like 8 for the entire school and we felt damn special to get to go the lab for 45 minutes once a week. My oxen pulled my wagon towards Oregon and I usually died from dysentery, but I didn't care, it wasn't school, it was a computer game in school. In Middle School my Dad found an Atari system all boxed up at a garage sale for like $5. So he bought it, and we set it up and would play PacMan, pong, centipede, and other terribly simple games in the basement for hours on end. In high school I got tetris added to my TI-86 calculator and I am pretty sure I missed out on dating because of that stupid game. So many girls, so much wasted time trying to set a new high score (my TI-86 record was 57k, best in the school, but a little shy of the world records back in those days for that calculator (59k - if you tell me you had a higher score on your TI-83 I will punch you in the face because it wasn't the same game! Let's not re-hash that argument because I will play your TI-83 and crush your record the first time I play it like I did to that stupid Jonathon kid 20 years ago!!!) - I was trying ALL OF THE TIME to eek out just one or two more tetrises at the level 17 or 18 range, it was so fast I never got past the mid 50k range but could almost always get past 40k score.) I also was really good at Dr. Mario on N-64, I never lost to anyone that started on the same level as me in head to head match-ups. Oh, the days when I was good at things. Also in high school I found www.itsyourturn.com and in college I found www.brainking.com which allowed far more games and did that for many many years. Each were turn based board game sites. I played there until I finally gave it up because of some new dumb game I found where it's about war and politics or something like that... I guess I also do clash of clans when I am really bored. There is my life story in the gaming world. It's pretty sad, I know, but work is boring and I have time to kill so why not write a bunch stuff that no one cares about?
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    My name is modi, I too am a devIAnt
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    Yeah baby, join the asocial team! Oh wait, we are asocial, teams are no no for us
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    Long Live the blockades we blew through I had the time of my life fighting Roq-bots with you
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    Blackie gets the nomination for most improved everytime, it's because he always improves? No because he started from the bottom
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    Dood... how old are you? ...my son is 9, he scored a 78... living life early I guess...
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    I can't decide if I'm surprised or not about all the 90+s....
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    No tablet of any kind. Maybe never will get it as I'm already too old for "new technology"..... I use two other things instead of tablets; I have a laptop for work purposes that I also use for P&W and the forums. I have a cellphone for some work purposes, calls, texting, sexting with @Sargun, and a few choice games. I may never need a tablet, who needs a bigger screen? Wait... bigger screen... sexting... ... ... ...I should get a tablet...
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    hmph... another young person poll it appears...
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    I thought isekai anime was an anime where the MC was either in their world or was teleported to another and is just really over powered to the point where it could be boring. But fantasy wise well, i just really like anime (and games) that are set in a fantasy world that is based in the dark ages with lords and knights and has magic and monsters. I just like it. The saga of tanya the evil was amazing, i love it def a 9/10 simply because im not sure how i felt about a psychotic 11 year oldgoing around slaughtering people while serving in the german army.... yes i knew immediately what world and time period the anime was set in. The countries had different names but the year, time period and world map made it obvious. But it did progress through 3-4 years so tanya is getting older and i like how it had a connection to both world wars, the biplanes, trench warfare, ww1 era weapons as well as ww2 era tanks and bombers along with bombers. I watched grimgar and it wasnt really all that great in my opinion, the art was ok but i just couldnt get into the story. Goblinslay was actually good, i liked it, probably because they show you just how violent, vicious and evil goblins really are where as other anime with goblins just shows them once or twice and thats it. And the MC actually says more then one line but could definitely be improved. I also watched re zero: life in another world. It was actually good, i liked the story, characters, art, graphics and how the character ended up in a fantasy world. The character also wasnt overpowered.... actually he isnt even strong even though he learns how to use magic but has no idea how to use it. The only thing i didnt like was his curse that allows him to come back to life. It was a good concept where when he dies time stops flowing and rewinds back to a previous point earlier in the day and he gets to keep his memories but everyone else loses theirs. Just i didnt like how many times he died and had to repeat the same day over again. The anime is 25 episodes long but only lasts a day or two short of a full week when it ends because of the number of times he had to repeat the same day over again and can only progress to the next day if he survives the day or night. Ya i was keeping track of the number of days he was in the fantasy world and he was only there for like 5 days but gives you the feeling he was there longer due to the number of times he had to repeat a day over again. O was also happy he killed petelguess because god i hated that villian.... he was just very annoying and very lame.
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    Winnie Mandela was a total shit, I doubt her children even miss her.
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    Question is would the USA be happy to have laws imposed upon it's legislature or have Federal law subserviant to a foreign court?
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    Terrible decision for Britain. Those who voted for it were promised to see slightly lower taxes that was previously necessary to facilitate remaining in the E.U. and was often the point the proponents for Brexit pointed to, but many/most who voted for Brexit didn't understand the full set of consequences they would incur in addition to those tax reductions. They neglected to consider the higher costs to buy and lower profits to sell British goods to the E.U. countries given that being apart of the E.U. previously allowed free trade. Thus, overall the GDP should come done some as well as most peoples individual incomes while seeing some increases in costs for the British people. This is the reason why some British politicians are now saying "we should undo what the voters wanted because in essence we have come to learn that this was a bad idea"... Anyway, any time you impede on peoples rights to deal with others and have "free commerce", you snuff the fire on what they can make, what you can tax, and how the country is overall. It's why a libertarian approach to governance is important to meeting the nation potential. at least, that is the way I see it.
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    Son of a bitch, there's no option for "I never played it"
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    I have played them all. Enjoyed the ones as a kid with the horrid graphics. I think some of the more recent ones are too complicated and take away from the enjoyment of the game overall.
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    Played 2000, 3000, 4 Some year ago I played again and I still have the screenshot of the city I created Nothing special, was pretty much to try some mods More recently I played Cities Skylines
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    I played the original back in the day
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    Can't remember, I stopped going to gigs when standing longer than 10 mins started giving me chronic kidney pain. Well that and when I went to see the Foo Fighters and there were people there who were not born when I got into the Foos in '95 (made me feel very old).
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    ticks 'never went to a concert'
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    Should be on this forum but let's make an exception
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    Rebuild my nation before 2020
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    My new years resolution is to learn guitar. My dad always wanted me to learn and even went as far as buying me one, but I never had the opportunity to learn until now. Wish he could see me when I am finally able to do it.
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    I would really like to use a quiz platform of some kind. A chatroom is very difficult as a medium.
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    Yay! *readies up the quiz robot* I GOT THIS
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    I'd like to take part but it starts to late for me
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    1. Talking with the community and meeting all the people. 2. Participating in the running of the alliance by taking staff jobs. 3. Fighting alongside the best and the most fiercest fighters in the game. 4. Being a part of a community that upholds the most elite and honorable principals. 5. The history and experiences I've been through with my alliance mates. 6. Our merit based government that promotes based on skill and effort. 7. Low taxes, great grants, investments, interest free loans. 8. Freedom to shape my nation to my liking and grow to any tier I want. 9. Being a part of the most active alliance and community in the game. And there are many more that other people can prob come up with
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    My favorite episode is "The one where Ross is Captain Sobel"
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    Three hours before update work for everyone?
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    Abdul nominated himself for every category and I add him everywhere I can
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