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    A few weeks back, I was lucky enough to be able to visit Piedra Herrada, one of the sites of the monarch butterfly migration here in Mexico. It was a long walk up a steep path that started at around 10,000 ft in elevation. As we made our way up higher, the butterflies started circling around and becoming more active, with thousands of them flying in all directions. And then when we stopped, we could see tens of thousands more resting in the trees, like in this picture. Monarch butterflies fly south every year from Canada and the US down to Mexico and it's not the same butterflies that start the trip as end it as they only live a month or two at most. What I found particularly interesting though is that even though it's never the same butterflies returning, they always migrate back to the same sites.
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    Keep the pics coming guys, saves me the bother of going outside
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    No tablet of any kind. Maybe never will get it as I'm already too old for "new technology"..... I use two other things instead of tablets; I have a laptop for work purposes that I also use for P&W and the forums. I have a cellphone for some work purposes, calls, texting, sexting with @Sargun, and a few choice games. I may never need a tablet, who needs a bigger screen? Wait... bigger screen... sexting... ... ... ...I should get a tablet...
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    There is a replica of the Statue of Liberty on the artifical island of Odaiba in the Bay of Tokyo. Naturally the replica is much smaller than the actual Statue of Liberty (I speak from experience as I have stood next to both) but the statue is actually not there because of the one in New York. There is a replica of the Statue of Liberty in Paris on Île aux Cygnes. This replica was borrowed for a year in 1998 to Japan to celebrate Franco-Japanese relations. It was put on Odaiba where it turned out to be so popular that the city decided to make a replica of the replica in Paris and put it on Odaiba permanently.
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    hmph... another young person poll it appears...
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    Sorry we've not had a poll for a while, i only do them when i'm on my computer and i haven't been on it since last (last) weekend Fun fact - Tuvalu has the .tv web address and 10% of government revenue comes royalties from the use of the .tv address! Make sure you check out @RagnarBuliwyf 's stream, i'm locked out of twitch atm but he will put it down below!
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    I'll just use a jumbo phone over a tablet.
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    I don't have a tablet and never had one. I never thought it was worth it from my position.
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    A lot of of people in my class uses a tablet to take lecture notes. And here I am using the original tablet called "pen and paper" On a more serious note, tablet feels like a device that can't decide whether it want to be a smartphone or a laptop. Since I already have to carry both to classes, I don't really see a use for it
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    I need a mouse in my life
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    The next poll should really be "What type of phone do you have?" Over age 40 House phone; Corded: 20 foot or longer House phone; Corded: 10-20 foot House phone; Corded: Less than 10 feet House phone; Cordless: I'm fancy, bitch! Under age 40 Cell phone; Apple Cell phone; Samsung Cell phone; other Comment what type of cell phone you have in the comments.
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    The Akashi Kaikyo Bridge (明石海峡大橋) is a suspension bridge that connects the city of Kobe with Awaji Island about four kilometers away from the land. According to the guides it has the "longest central span of any suspension bridge in the world" which I think means the main span of the suspension parts. It was completed in 1998 and is almost exactly 4000 meters long. Before the bridge was built, ferries would carry people from Kobe to Awaji Island or the other way round. However, the narrow part between both sides is dangerous and tormented by many storms. In the 1950s, two ferries sank in the waters between Awaji and Kobe, killing over 160 people. Therefore, plans were made for a bridge. Originally, the two towers were exactly 1990 meters apart. However, when only the towers had been built but not the rest of the bridge, the Hanshin Awaji Earthquake (more commonly known as Kobe Earthquake) occured in 1995. It killed over 5000 people and caused massive destruction in the city. The earthquake also moved the two towers about one meter apart so that there are now about 1991 meters between them. Taken on March 14th, 2019.
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    has anyone ever thought of making a video guide for the game, showing what each button does, and showing what is the better strategy for building from the start? something visual for people who cant get the reading down. some, like me, takes to video help better than written.
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    I've never in my life visited Twitch nor been curious what is on there, let alone share my own.
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    So in my prior role at work, I had the opportunity to do a fair amount of international travel. I'm not personally too much of a fan of the logistics and headaches of travel, but I do enjoy the change in pace, getting to see the sights, and getting to know the people in a new place. I always found South Korea to be very comfortable and familiar. The fashion is very western in style. The cars drive on the right (and the correct) side of the road. I can't read a damn thing and only know/knew a few words in Korean but I had the fortune of traveling with our local sales manager who could help keep me out of trouble and enjoying the sights. One night, after a long day visiting customers and suppliers, we got dropped off at the hotel and I stopped into my hotel room to change clothes and grab my camera. I was in the Pangyo Techno Valley, a highly commercial area that was rapidly growing. New construction with cranes were everywhere. But I found a nice park to walk through, some nice trails that made their way into the hills, and eventually found a really nice pavilion overlooking the new construction in the Valley. It was all wood construction with ornate and very vibrant painting inside. The contrast between the old style architecture and the new construction was striking. I spent a long time hanging out up here, enjoying the sights and taking photos. This image was my favorite and very technically challenging to create. Given that it was night time with lots of bring lights from the Valley, the shadows were deep and the highlights white. In order to get the perspective I wanted (not having a fisheye lens), I knew I had to take a two panoramic image (think two rows of images). Each image that was stitched together was a composite of 3 images at different exposure levels to account for the dynamic range I was trying to capture. The final image is a whopping 14,309 x 5,813 pixels or 83MP. The largest image I've ever made. I am so happy with how the image turned out. Not only because of the time I spent to take the several dozen images that went into the final render, but also because it actually captured the feel of the place. Look up and you're in a different time. Ornate painting, handmade craftsmanship. Look out, and you're in the boom of a modern city. I went back to the hotel happy. Refreshed from the walk. Energized by what I had seen. And ready to prepare for the next day with a good night of sleep.
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    Dear Robert E Lee and leading members of The Knights Radiant, For too long have you controlled the world of Orbis, ruling through totalitarianism, corruption, and censorship. Direct democracy? Nope. Self-determination or expression? Practically outlawed. Making a joke about declaring war on a hated and weak alliance? Punished by removal from alliance. For those of you who do not know, I was accepted into The Knights Radiant earlier today after starting a brand-new nation. I have had slight Politics and War experience before, but had not gone through the process of entering such a renowned, formal alliance. I jumped from the University of Alabama of the Politics and War world to the Harvard. Only certain words -- ecstatic, overjoyed, etc. -- could describe my reaction. Then imagine my reaction when I uncovered that Robert E Lee had removed me from the alliance. Why?, I questioned. The only thing that it could be traced back to was a mere joke that I posted on a random subform -- one that was neither crude nor inappropriate. I suggested that the Knights Radiant should declare war on Fark, an alliance which I compared to the "Duke basketball of Politics and War . . . everyone hates them . . . except that they are not as good." Less than an hour later (before I even had time to apologize for the joke if some found it offensive or ignorant), I discover that my membership to the alliance has been taken away. I strongly recommend a punishment for or at least a review of Robert E Lee's actions before he continues as Herald of Internal Affairs. It seems to me that actions like these are an everyday occurrence for him, that he regularly abuses his power as Herald to make damaging decisions that barely breach his (unspecified) standards of forum and in-game behavior. He not only provided me no personal response to a question I sent him on application, but also provided no explanation as to who removed me from the alliance and why. A review of Robert E Lee's actions would prevent these overreaches from occurring in the future. The remarks I have written today are not only to address my personal situation with Robert E Lee and quick removal from The Knights Radiant, but rather to address the timely political struggles between censorship and self-expression. In the current environment perpetrated by the leaders of Orbis alliances, free speech and direct democracy are not encouraged, but rather discouraged so that Robert E Lee and other officials of top alliances can retain the vast amount of power that they possess. Any revolutions or disagreement with these officials leave nations of the lower and middle-classes rejected by their own alliance. This sense of totalitarianism and cronyism is perpetrated by two main authoritarian methods: undemocratic government and censorship. Top alliance officials have just assumed power due to a myriad of factors, and will continue to control the masses of nations below them forever unless a democratic system of election(s) is implemented. But under the current system, we will never achieve a democratic system of government. Most (but not all) alliance officials stay in touch with the world of Orbis, eliminating any tension between them and lower-class nations through censorship. Criticism, differing suggestions, or even mild disagreement with alliance policy can result in severe repercussions -- such as removal from the alliance (as in my case). Instead, we should advocate for a world based on the values of self-determination (the process of a people democratically electing and trusting in their own government), self-expression, and direct democracy. Let us do our best to combat strong totalitarianism throughout the Orbis world. I hope that The Knights Radiant will address the two aforementioned threats of anti-democracy and censorship appropriately, firstly by reviewing the actions of Robert E Lee. And finally, the last section of my final remarks consists of a list of challenges that I ask of different members of the Knights Radiant. Failure to address these challenges will result in a continued reputation of anti-democratic and censorist policy. I challenge Robert E Lee and other officials of The Knights Radiant to refrain from deleting and/or censoring this post. I challenge the government of The Knights Radiant to conduct a review into the actions of Robert E Lee, and to promote a culture of self-expression and democracy I challenge the government of The Knights Radiant to reconsider the removal of my nation, the United States of Carolina, from the alliance I challenge the non-government members of The Knights Radiant to instigate a revolution and leave The Knights Radiant if self-expression and democracy continue to be infringed upon (e.g. if this post is deleted) I challenge the non-government members of The Knights Radiant to also create a new alliance if self-expression and democracy continue to be infringed upon I hope you will consider my remarks greatly, and wish all the best for The Knights Radiant in the future. Long live democracy, J------- C------- President of the United States of Carolina -- Postscript: I would like to recognize the actions of Bhuto to welcome me to the Knights Radiant, which were helpful and completely effective in every way. I strongly encourage and endorse Bhuto for a position in internal affairs.
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    The leaders of Knights Radiant have taken this discussion about a review of their invasion of free speech and self-expression, and have since turned it into a political discussion. The point here is that Knights Radiant removed a member from the alliance for no apparent reason, and has promoted a culture of authoritarianism and censorship. Anyone who is repulsed by the actions of these leaders should come join me at Avansies (temporarily). Don't come after my nation, which is protected by the New Pacific Order. And my final words on this forum: The Knights Radiant will cease to exist in a very short time period. Just wait and see. Now, let's leave our readers with some interesting quotes from this discussion: Most Honorable Alliance, my butt. A Post-Script: Robert E Lee did not clarify why I was removed from the alliance after being accepted. After being removed almost immediately after posting the comment about Fark, it was easy to realize that the comment was the reason for my removal. For anyone who is reading this -- revolt! Why should you continue on the path of censorship and nations being controlled by Robert E Lee? It's called federalism and republicanism. By dear God, retain some of it.
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    I would have been retarded to give you information regarding the state of your failing alliance without any retribution. Just like Obama, with the U.S. funding the majority of NATO's projects even though there are 28 other nations in it! Who do you think I am: Obama?
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    So you don't want to read your own posts? You are therefore conceding to the fact that your posts are sh*t.
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    Okay, great, you are a dictator. I am not looking for an all-out assault on authoritarianism, but rather an ... explanation as to why I was removed. I recommend becoming less authoritarian, though. Many members of TKR are frustrated with you and some of the other princes and heralds. ... It's interesting that you post a picture of Trump, the candidate that I supported in the general election. Trump advocates for the originalist idea of the Constitution, which guarantees the right of free speech! He also is not a crony politician/official who appeals to special interests and bureaucracy, such as yourself and Hillary! In contrast, Trump appeals to the "forgotten man and woman." These forgotten people are those who staunchly oppose your cronyism and censorship, and who will soon revolt. Okay. I'm just advocating for a little more free speech and democratic ideas. I am also not the one who has standards of forum or in-game behavior -- that, sir, is Robert E Lee, who removes me from the alliance due to a joke! Yes, I was. I received a message from Robert E Lee that I had been accepted into the alliance, and went to take the entrance exam. After posting the comment about Fark, I returned to the forum to find all of my contributions deleted and to PW itself to find I had been removed from the alliance. Thanks for the compliment. You're in the same boat as Bhuto. I'll give you some advice up front: revolt! So this (an excerpt from a previous thread isn't sh*t posting? Please. -- "I've read hentai you people wouldn't believe. Tentacles raping lolis in all the holes, ALL THE HOLES. I watched dicks giving a birh. All those moments will be lost in time, like sperms in a sea of cum. Time to fap." -- J------- C------- President of the United States of Carolina
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    I sold my iPad, it just felt like an oversized iPhone. That said, I now have a Surface Pro for work, and LOVE IT. For real. It is amazing. I like the combo feel of a fully functional laptop and a fully touchscreen tablet. @Hariffmy option is not on the list.
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    Where is the fucking No option?
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    It's well established I am Dictator who rules with an iron legfist - democracy has no place in TKR
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