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    I remember when I was in elementary school and they created what they called a "lab" and we were all in awe of these things they called computers. We had like 8 for the entire school and we felt damn special to get to go the lab for 45 minutes once a week. My oxen pulled my wagon towards Oregon and I usually died from dysentery, but I didn't care, it wasn't school, it was a computer game in school. In Middle School my Dad found an Atari system all boxed up at a garage sale for like $5. So he bought it, and we set it up and would play PacMan, pong, centipede, and other terribly simple games in the basement for hours on end. In high school I got tetris added to my TI-86 calculator and I am pretty sure I missed out on dating because of that stupid game. So many girls, so much wasted time trying to set a new high score (my TI-86 record was 57k, best in the school, but a little shy of the world records back in those days for that calculator (59k - if you tell me you had a higher score on your TI-83 I will punch you in the face because it wasn't the same game! Let's not re-hash that argument because I will play your TI-83 and crush your record the first time I play it like I did to that stupid Jonathon kid 20 years ago!!!) - I was trying ALL OF THE TIME to eek out just one or two more tetrises at the level 17 or 18 range, it was so fast I never got past the mid 50k range but could almost always get past 40k score.) I also was really good at Dr. Mario on N-64, I never lost to anyone that started on the same level as me in head to head match-ups. Oh, the days when I was good at things. Also in high school I found www.itsyourturn.com and in college I found www.brainking.com which allowed far more games and did that for many many years. Each were turn based board game sites. I played there until I finally gave it up because of some new dumb game I found where it's about war and politics or something like that... I guess I also do clash of clans when I am really bored. There is my life story in the gaming world. It's pretty sad, I know, but work is boring and I have time to kill so why not write a bunch stuff that no one cares about?
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    Blackie gets the nomination for most improved everytime, it's because he always improves? No because he started from the bottom
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    Should be on this forum but let's make an exception
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    My new years resolution is to learn guitar. My dad always wanted me to learn and even went as far as buying me one, but I never had the opportunity to learn until now. Wish he could see me when I am finally able to do it.
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    Abdul nominated himself for every category and I add him everywhere I can
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    I spent quite a lot of time when i was young af playing Runescape. That counts right?
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    The topics The Heralds (all the ones made by Sojo) Keno Adventures Rebuilding Dancers Triple M Mitsuru in Japan Lego The posts Modi Mixology Warchest changes Let's wreck micros Video for Leo Memes for the Herald
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    It was a video for Leo actually, iirc. I'll grab it for you @Micchan. One sec. EDIT: Here's the link to the post: https://forum.politicsandwar.com/index.php?/topic/24355-global-war-peace-terms-discussion/&do=findComment&comment=389752
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    I posted this in slack announcements for you @Micchan thank me later
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    Lupin wa Ima mo Moete Iru ka? 6/10 Very coo idea having Lupin go back in time to the first episode for the 50th anniversary of the series but it's a great idea for a movie, not for a 25 min special, too rushed Yuu☆Yuu☆Hakusho: Two Shots 6/10 Two special manga chapters adapted for the 20th anniversary, I liked the first story more Hataraku Saibou: Kaze Shoukougun 5.5/10 I expected better from this special, more weak than any episode of the serie, still ok I guee
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    In case anyone is struggling to find it... LMAO:
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    Good point modi 1 is nearly at the age he can understand the game, doesn’t that count for resolution 3, unfortunately Mrs Modi doesn’t want to play ......
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    Check discord with wife and kids Discord more with kids Stuff more the wife Wife the kids with more discord Check the wife with more kids
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    Check discord more often Do more stuff with the wife do more stuff with the kids do more stuff with the wife and kids
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    That story isn't seen by enough people... it should be rehashed annually or something.
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    Be a nicer person. Don't bother, it's overrated.
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    Rebuild my nation before 2020
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    thanks for the story, when i saw it was a red five story unfortunately it wasn't as funny as your most shameful boner one probably my favourite post on these damn forums!
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    My Habbo account in fact still exists. I can't remember the last time I logged in though. Must've been years ago.
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    When I was like 15, my parents made me go to a funeral for a great uncle. It was one of those awkward funerals where everybody knew the guy was a major league prick (beat his kids/wife, notorious cheater, hadn't spoken to his wife who lived in the same house as him for six years prior to his death) but also had to pretend everything was fine. On top of the general awkwardness and not giving a shit that this dude was dead, the service in the cemetery went on forever. Because it was a funeral and there were plenty of occasions to bow your head down, I got a lot of looks at the butt of the person in front of me, and the crux of this story is that the girl in front of me was my age or perhaps a few years older and had a GREAT butt. The combination of being bored and utterly uninterested in the ceremony and having essentially free reign to stare at this girl's butt led to a predictable result, and I ended up with a big woody. I'm not even sure how noticeable it was because in a situation like this, they all seem noticeable. I moved my hands from being clasped behind my back to being clasped over my package. Being a dopey kid, I kept trying to like press it down thinking that would make it go away but of course touching it in that situation just made it harder for longer and it didn't go away until the ceremony was over. I have no clue who the girl was, I know for certain she's not a cousin because I know all of my cousins and I am reasonably certain that she's not a relative of any kind because she had a more olive skin tone as opposed to the fair skintone of my people but I have literally hundreds of second and third cousins so its entirely possible I was ogling a shoestring relative of some type.
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    First off - sorry for the long story, but I'm betting you will think it is worth it. My family has gone camping for a week every summer. Many of the other families that also went every year would occasionally have the kids bring a friend. When I was about 11, my cousin brought a friend who was a year younger than I, and it was immediately obvious she was crushing on me. Every year the same thing; she'd show up, and I would try to avoid her, she following me around, etc. When I was 15 I got a job and stopped going camping on that trip during the summers and I didn't see her until that magical day a few years later... That magical day: It had been almost two and a half years. I had recently turned 17 and running varsity for my cross country team. We went to a CC meet many hours away which required us to stay the night at a hotel. While I was preparing for our race, I thought I saw a familiar face... that girl from a few years ago, although taller and more grown up... a young woman... I swore it off, didn't think much of it, finished the warm up, and ran my race. After the race and awards ceremony, we went back to our hotel, showered, went to eat dinner, before returning back to our hotel which of course we immediately elected to use the sauna and pool a few times, as well as a whole shitload of ice that was put out by all the teams in the grass. we would go in the sauna, then roll in the ice before jumping in the pool. We did that a few times before we decided to sit in the hot tub. It had been a great day; not a lot of eye candy, so we just joked around, threw a ball back and forth, and made fun of each other. Suddenly, one of the guys said "holy shit - that candy is amazing"... him and two other guys could see her, and I could tell they agreed, me and the fifth had our back to the pool, so we couldn't see and you sure as hell can't turn around and look all at the same time. So... I took one of the little balls floating in the hot tub and flipped it up in the air making it land behind me so I could turn around and reach for it and get a peek in at the candy while I'm "reaching for that ball that was accidentally throw over my head"... I peeked, and In my head I thought "whoa, shit... that's Natalie... she has grown up!" Adam, the guy that first spotted her said "I call dibs" at which point I promptly knew he had no chance... Natalie had spotted me and I could tell she was coming to talk to me... I turned around and flipped the ball at Adam saying "you got no shot" with a smile on my face. Adam said, "man she's walking this way, I think she's coming to the hot tub, she's looking at me!" I couldn't tell him I knew it was for me. We went quiet as she stepped in to the hot tub and she sat between Adam and me. I was ready right then, thank god for those bubbles of the hot tub. She said, "how you guys doing tonight?" I was silent and Adam chirped up with his typical game thinking the interest was for him... he started talking about our team, "did you know we won the team competition today? ...we had four guys in the top twenty...", she said "oh yeah, I know. I was watching your team." and she looked at me with those beautiful eyes she always had, the only thing that was a little bit alluring to me many years earlier, but now they seemed so much more... I don't know, it was probably the lack of blood in my brain because of everything else she had going on... you know, those big beautiful... eyes... Anyway, she made some more small talk with everyone, before she leaned over to me and whispered in my ear "I'm in room 322, meet me there in 20 minutes" (I still remember the room number to this day - LOL). She got up and left the pool area at which point Adam, who was the only real player of the five of us pushed me all the way under water which was a struggle for me, because I didn't want them to know I was packing a rock in my pants, so I sort of rolled up in to the fetal position with my legs and my arms sprawled out trying to get my head above water. Adam said "what the hell did she say to you?", I told him the truth and he didn't believe me at all... no one did, they laughed... they all talked about "wanting to taste the candy" or whatever they were saying, and eventually they all decided to jump in the pool before going back to the sauna... in the meantime I waited in the hot tub to cool myself off... I don't think anyone believed me when I said it... and no one ever knew about my trip to her room... Let me explain (this is sort of embarrassing)... I returned to my room, showered quick and then went to her floor. I knocked on the door, which she promptly opened. I walked in her room and noticed her coach on a chair at the end of the hallway, but my mind was immediately drawn to a towel wrapped around her. The door closed and she dropped the towel... oh snap, its happening again... A quick sidebar: At this point you may think it is going down the path of being a story straight out of penthouse, but unfortunately that was not the case... let me elaborate... Within ten second, there was a knock on the door. Naked, Natalie pushed past me and checked the peep hole... "oh fuck, it's my coach" she whispered... "hide on the balcony!"... I tiptoed across to the sliding door opening it, going through, and closing it behind me... I made the decision to jump from one balcony to the next one over - which I did before crawling in to a ball out of sight behind the concrete wall. About thirty seconds later I could hear the door open, someone stepped out briefly, and then the door closed once again.. I was about to look or say something, but I choose not to... good thing, it apparently was the coach. Another thirty seconds went by and the door comes open again, Natalie whispered "Phil...". I got up and jumped across to her balcony... going back in to her room... "lets begin again" I said with increasing confidence. We both smiled and we kissed, and I thought damn it, this is going to happen!! I was pumped up. Literally. I was ready, she was naked, and... the door card swiper beeped, opening about three inches before the latch chain stopped the door. I thought "DAMN IT!!!" we both ran to the door, she said to her roommate who was trying to come in, give me a second, I'm changing" and she threw a towel on before pushing me in to the bathroom. She got the towel all the way around her and whispered to me when she closed the door "lay in the tub and leave when you can!" so I closed the shower curtain and laid in the wet tub... "FUCK" I thought... "this blows!" she let her roommate in the door, told her she just HAD to look out from the balcony and moved her towards the sliding door and out to the balcony... I snuck out the door. Her roommate apparently never noticed... I walked down the hallway with my penis tucked up in to my belt line, and my shirt and shorts covered with water... My "magical night" ended like a line of kids who were taking turns kicking me in the balls. I never tasted that candy. I imagine it tasted like strawberries or skittles or something. I'm such a fucking loser.
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