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    So other than Politics and War, one of my hobbies is visiting themeparks. It's suprising how much there is to know and like I can basically name the ride in any photo of a non ghetto chinese knockoff ride so if you want to send a photo to this thread, i'll see if I can name it! If you have been to a themepark recently, say which and what your favourite rides are, i'd love to see what you think and if you have funny stories or whatever, be sure to share them! Here's my favourite rollercoaster, Taron at Phantasialand near Cologne, Germany. It has two launches and no inversions (loops) and is manufactured by the Swiss company, Intamin. It's themed very well into an area called Klugheim, i'm not really sure what that means but it looks beautiful and the ride itself is very thrilling! Come back next week for more (or don't)
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    Man that was a really lengthy quiz! Nirvana here.
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    Why I got the Spice Girls when I said I want to go to the Pearl Jam concert?
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    http://www.zimbio.com/quiz/pSEBCDAShe0/What+90s+Song+Are+You There may be more than the poll, i just looked at all the Facebook comments at the end - so if you get a new one say below! I got Wannabe by the Spice Girls
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    I'd pick No Doubt (maybe Spiderwebs) but I guess Nirvana is close enough.
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    Oh there’s a quiz thing too? Screw that sir mixalot is clearly the only correct answer
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    Set 10221-1 - Super Star Destroyer 3151 pieces
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    13 (me) v 20, although I just beiged some. They both outnumber all my units!
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    i have 18 cities and i just finish 3 defensive wars with total city number of 48 and crushed them all
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    Fair point but there is a first time for everything, there is no point of Micchan being on Slack as she is too good for itand slack cant handle good posts
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    Noticed a bit late but I'm finally in the spot I deserve @Infinite Citadel you and your double posts have been worthy rivals Soon TCL, Adrienne, and Bear will take the three spots behind you, it's inevitable
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    Gov is supposed to be on slack... so... she can't unless she... you know... gets on slack.
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    nothing stopping you from working to become Queen of Herald/Herald of War so you can swim in reps anytime war is announced
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    IC: We are going to war! 25 reps IC: War is over! 28 reps Micchan: *super quality post no one reads because not messaged about in game* 3 reps
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    hmm i should reactivate my old account and start up the slack slackers
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    Goes to www.dictionary.com, types in "deserve", gets this result... [dih-zurv] verb (used with object), de·served, de·serv·ing. to merit, be qualified for, or have a claim to (reward, assistance, punishment, etc.) because of actions, qualities, or situation: to deserve exile; to deserve charity; a theory that deserves consideration. Her actions?? Maybe. She does have lots of posts... Her quality?? LOL - it's just lots of anime, I guess some people like that? Her situation?? what does that even meme? (that's a micchan joke... kek) Meh... I guess she really does "deserve" it. I guess her next step is to rue the day in slack. ...and given recent notes from gov, she should get on slack anyway! *obligatory slack plug here*
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    Hello there everyone! Figured this is a good day to make a major announcement: Today, 1st April 2018, marks the start of a new era, the rise of The Slack Slackers As everyone know, Slack is a wonderful place! we got everything from instant communication, fun, shitty month specific joke and more! So I figured "hey, why not make a group for Slack enthusiast? An alliance within TKR" Slack is a really wonderful place, here is a glimpse of a member of the Slack Slackers slacking in slack with other Slackers Here at the Slack Slackers, we strive to spread the truth and glory about Slack being the best and only platform to communication. Our principles are as follows: Promoting Slack usage among TKR members Educating people that Slack is the one true communication platform Advocating Slack to be the sole communication platform that TKR uses Removal of the TKR forum Complete extermination of any heretic that does not believe the above point which includes but not limit to a certain alliance starting with F Anyone can join the Slack Slackers! Because we believe in forgiveness and second chance. Anyone who was once affiliated with a certain group that is leaded by a cute 2D girl may also join the Slack Slackers but only if they renounce all their affiliation, promise to work towards the destruction of said group and swear an oath to uphold the Slack Slackers principles for the rest of their life. So join now! I'm looking forward to see you guys in Slack!
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    Death to all. Here at the SS, we have huge emphasis on equality meaning that everyone get to have a go at the heresy purging flamethrower
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    Hello again, I have great news! It have come to my attention that not only does The Knight Radiant have a Slack channel, they also have a Discord channel! Usually, a rival communication platform would be considered heretic by the Slack Slackers but since Discord is also a chatroom with many features similar to Slack, Discord is hereby our ally and will help us in the quest to rid the forum menace. .
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    Welcome to the Slack Slackers! gimme a moment to process your application and i'll hand your heresy purging flamethrower in a minute
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    Finally! An organization that represents my moral belief system. Death to all non-believers and those who may oppose us! Yay slack slackers!!!
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    So a group who want to eliminate the opposition called SS, what could ever go wrong!
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