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    Hi! I'm Jimena (not my real name, but you're free to call me that!), and I honestly just want the 1 million bonus for introducing myself. If you all could also give me 10 rep for this post so I get three birds in one stone, that'd be great! I'm a sci-fi and fantasy nerd. I spend half my time gardening and the other half either reading or playing games. I'm also a history buff, and I'll give zero points to whoever gets my username reference. You can ask me anything but I don't think I'll answer anything too personal. Thanks! Also, here's a picture of my recent order of Oathbringer, because I'm starting book #3. 🤓
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    Heya everyone, I'm Rei Ayanami of Evangelion. If you couldn't tell from my nation theme (taken from Neon Genesis Evangelion), I'm into anime (but I don't have a lot of time to watch it these days .) Umm, in terms of actual activities, I like to cook, especially bake and I also play hockey (am Canadian). I like talking to people and making new friends so if you ever see me online on discord or slack, feel free to hit me up 😄.
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    Whats good peps of TKR. Its ya boy, Asheram (Im definitely going to change that.) I am an easy going dude but tbh I dont think I can keep up with all the shit that goes on in slack so you'll have to forgive me on that front. I work pretty much full time and when I do have spare time I'm writing my research paper, at least for the next month. I work at a non profit here in D.C. that provides compassionate and comprehensive medical care to the homeless, and also help them break the cycle of homelessness. Hope we get along well. Also my computer is currently under my bed because there is no space for it anywhere else so feel free to call me a cave dweller.
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    I present you the bidet hose. AKA the bum gun
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    Yeah, there are a few aspects of Sanderson's writing in which you can see him develop over time. May he continue to progress away from writing female characters as a pile of tropes.
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    I just want to play, not get into Harvard.
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    Monday, May 14th at 8 pm we will be starting a TKR+friends paradox game, who's interested? DO NOT VOTE IF YOU DON'T HAVE EITHER GAME OR DON'T PLAN TO PARTICIPATE
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    hi there, i personally like Harry Potter and all its wonders, but it was not always so, a long Time ago( actually not that long) in a galaxy much like ours, I was unaware of the greatness of Harry Potter, yup, this one had only watched the first 3 films, and like them a lot, but for some freaking stupid reason would never watch the rest of the franchise. Fortunately that changed as M'ilord finally had the guts and the claws and the dry fur to watch the franchise, and it was wonderful. I am a Gryffindor myself ( but have a big percentage of Slytherin). So here it is the :The Sorting Hat Poll Say what house you are or want to be, say why or just don't say a word, either way it is fine. oh here is a quizz if you want to find out, pottermore was a way better quizz but you have to sign up. https://www.buzzfeed.com/eleanorbate/accurate-af-sorting-quiz?utm_term=.fwM2QBmnv6#.jb2v05pbXY
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    Hey, please complete this template to continue your application.
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    HISTORY FACT Prior to the modern day, height was largely not controlled by genetics but by nutrition. The Dutch became the world's tallest people by being the first modern civilization to amass a nutritious diet that allowed people to grow larger than ever before; this spread to the rest of Europe and has persisted since, with the average Dutch height being statistically significantly larger than other countries. This has had a few notable effects, including contributing to the stereotype of large, imposing leaders vs smaller, scrappy rebellious figures. This even altered the fate of people due to their birth: Napoleon, for example, was of average height for the time: 5 feet, 2 inches. Due to the aristocratic privilege of better diet, he was in fact short for an officer (of which tended to come from noble or rich stock) and was assigned to artillery instead of infantry or cavalry, as they needed men of above-average stature. His knowledge and use of artillery helped him become the dominating conqueror that he eventually was well known for, especially his revolutionary use of cavalry. Once he became Emperor, his very average height contrasted to the height of those around him who had been eating better diets their entire lives, and he continued to be known as short.
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    Already do a weekly Stellaris so I'd prefer eu4.
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    I switched you back to Orderless btw. Should have the same perms as the orders now, if I fixed it right.
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    brb, making the Houseless House
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    Roll all of them, damn Hogwarts
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    Hi there everybody, I am going to start a series of daily polls or maybe two days polls, since some of the membership has changed since the last pollmaster some of these polls might be a remake for old members, but for the most it will be brand new. The first one is a TKR classic. The Toilet Paper Poll I personnally perfer Over.
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    oh my I remember some drama about that in the past. How could there be 2 daily polls... the world was ending
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    Other First toilet paper and then bidet!
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    This subforum is for everyone to discuss their favorite book series of all time (I've never read it). Obviously this subforum is NOT spoiler free. I you haven't read the books yet (like me) and don't want to get spoilered (don't care tbh), then you shouldn't read any of the threads in here. Stop using "Spoilers" IC. :v
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    I need a new avatar, pick one option (remember that I will crop the pic to have only the face for the avatar) Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Option 4
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    My favourite characters from the series are bit off I guess. I loved Eshonai. Everything about her character was just interesting. Especially her pulling out of storm form and her morality. I love the way he writes Kaladin's chapters and he's an amazing character I'd love to look up too, but I identify the most with Navani/Jasnah heh. That being said, Jasnah being strong af to the outside world yet having her own issues/insecurities that he keeps alluding too or suggesting through out makes me curious to see how he really takes her forward.
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    I don't blame you prioritizing Kingkiller; it's beautifully written. Say, have you encountered the Gentlemen Bastards series? Well, I can't say I'm surprised that the series are related.
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    Haven't read them myself yet, but everyone says that they are necessary for the cosmere so I'm getting around to it once I finish Kingkiller
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    Probably Dumbledore, they way he stood up to Sauron was really admirable
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