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  1. As far as hard liquor goes, it's definitely my favorite. Captain/Coke for a cheap mixer, Mojitos if I'm feeling a good mixed drink
  2. For those that peel from the stalk, join the one true way of peeling a banana from the short stubby end and remove the annoying banana strings from your life easier
  3. @Fanag @Sargun @Lordship @Bear @Kosonome @RagnarBuliwyf @Azaghul @Radoje
  4. My exams end on December 13th, was hoping to get a Multiplayer Paradox game together for Sundays (I can commit for 5-6 sessions until mid January on Sunday). The question is which game to play? We've done EU4 successfully in the past, have tried Stellaris, but haven't tried HOI4.
  5. https://steamcommunity.com/groups/theknightsradiantpw <-- if you guys end up doing steam games
  6. Also you wish you could double post like me
  7. All it took was me deciding to go to law school, just another reason for people to hate lawyers I suppose
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