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  1. Infinite Citadel


    @Azaghul any interest?
  2. Infinite Citadel


    removed in the poll
  3. Infinite Citadel


    @Fanag @Robert E Lee @Bear
  4. Infinite Citadel


    Monday, May 14th at 8 pm we will be starting a TKR+friends paradox game, who's interested? DO NOT VOTE IF YOU DON'T HAVE EITHER GAME OR DON'T PLAN TO PARTICIPATE
  5. Infinite Citadel

    A Passerby from Ad-Mech

    what were we talking about again?
  6. Infinite Citadel

    A Passerby from Ad-Mech

    And that's saying something - not everyone can finish in 30 seconds
  7. Infinite Citadel


  8. Infinite Citadel

    Words of Radiance

    In PnW terms, it's the rest of the game's reaction every time we roll Arrgh
  9. Infinite Citadel

    Mistborn Series

    If you're a fan of the greater cosmere, they're a necessity imo. The first Wax&Wayne is an interesting/fun read, the second and third add a lot of lore about shards and what not. Read them, then come back and read the following spoiler:
  10. Infinite Citadel

    Favorite Characters

    I'm Dalinar irl
  11. Infinite Citadel

    Favorite Characters

    Book 1: Book 2: Book 3: Shallan chapters are hit or miss for me, but I've enjoyed them more and more as the series has gone on. Jasnah is also great/can't wait to read more of her PoV chapters later on (she clearly knows more than most of the current PoV characters, so it didn't make sense to have her as a PoV before this imo).
  12. Infinite Citadel

    Favorite Characters

    Dalinar is love, Dalinar is life
  13. Infinite Citadel

    Greta Van Fleet

    recently started listening to them and they're great, who else likes them?
  14. Infinite Citadel

    TKR Bracket Challenge 2018

    Current entries: IC - paid TCL - paid Carnage - paid Abbas - paid Benfro - paid Schirminator - paid Current winnings: 30 mil
  15. Infinite Citadel

    TKR Bracket Challenge 2018

    http://games.espn.com/tournament-challenge-bracket/2018/en/group?groupID=2679409 password is Dalinar, 5 mil entry fee, winner take all (non-TKR members just send me a trade offer) please make any deposits with the name of your bracket, if it's a trade just send me a pm