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    Hi, welcome to the radiant!
  3. I'm Braydon (INGAME: Ubermenschi)

    Thanks man, appreciated!
  4. I'm Braydon (INGAME: Ubermenschi)

    Hi, I'm Braydon, and I started playing PnW on November 20th. I'm fairly new to the game, but I enjoy it quite a lot. It's not like most modern nation games. Anyways I live in the United States in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. I'm fond of Paradox games like CK2, EU4 and the M&B series (Never got into the Hearts of Iron or Victoria line). I never read any of these fantasy novels you guys are about, but since there's a following, I am thinking of ordering the series. Anyways thanks for letting me into this group and I hope we all have fun!