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  1. Why does everyone act like this is the worst thing ever? It's not. I know that most people believe this is a myth but there is a whole world beyond the EU to trade with. I promise it's true. Our economy might suffer a bit to start with but it'll bounce back. But everything I hear about Brexit is: "The sky is falling!!! The sky is falling!!! We're all going to die!!! Everybody panic and completely lose your shit!!!" Cool your jets folks. It's not going to be as bad as Project Fear is saying. Good God if Britain had this attitude back in WWII we would have surrendered to Hitler as soon as Poland was invaded.
  2. This case disgusts me. The judge should be impeached. It just makes it clear that no matter how much progress society has made it clearly isn't enough. This case and the letter Rin posted show that society at large still views women as disposable sex toys. Six bloody months. He should have got life. Screw his rich ass, white male privilege. That's the only reason the sentence was so light. If he'd been a poor minority guy he'd have got life. I'm going to shut up now and go back to chewing my tail before I say something really angry and incendiary.
  3. Ah I love the Picard song! He might have been the best Captain but Janeway beat the entire Delta Quadrant and the Borg and got her crew home from the Delta Quadrant; which should have been impossible. Sisko kept DS9 together, the civilians as well as his crew, throughout all the trouble, shenanigans and war and re-captured it after forced to leave plus he killed a Par Wraith, so Picard gets third place.
  4. Janeway. Although Sisko is a very close second.
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