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  1. Simon Susarte

    Treaty of Versailles fair?

    No. No no no no and no! Germany wasn't even the one who started the war in the first Place! that little mantle goes to Austria-Hungary (who was pretty much destroyed by the end though.) if austria-Hungary didn't get all shitty with Serbia for killing there little Arch-duke, the unjust ultimatum wouldn't of been shoved on Serbias door step. Should Germany of payed reprimands to France and britian? Yes! Of cause! But the stealing of German land! Disgrace and shame te Germans were made to feel. God if anyone started WW2 it was the allies for there bulling of Germany.
  2. Simon Susarte

    What pet do you have?

    Actually it is the thirty- first floor thank you. Yeah i live on a farm mate, closest town is about half an hour drive, so not that far.
  3. Simon Susarte

    Thread you hate

    It's a tie between this one and that other one
  4. Simon Susarte

    What pet do you have?

    Cat with two kittens, three doggos, a few chickens, a cow (we also have like 32 other ones, but Jennifer is the only nice one), we have a duck which ran away. Although lives at our dam with his like 10 female ducks.
  5. Simon Susarte

    Turkey Referendum, good or bad?

    Didn't Saddam Hussain do a similar thing? You tell me.
  6. Simon Susarte

    Senior Finals

    Thanks man. I must say your choice of French was probably not the smartest idea Monsieur!
  7. Simon Susarte

    Senior Finals

    I have three exams (high School Certificate or HSC) exams in October. I mean, I'm doing modern history, English (standard), and society and culture (<---- that one requires me to do a 3,000-5,000 word study on a issue, and it counts for 40% of my external mark)) ive already had around six+ assignments this year and I'm only finishing term 1. Next term is when I study for Mid year practice exams, then term three the big HSC exams that I mentioned above. Ive gotta go through this next year as well, but then I'll be doing subjects I actually enjoy. (Ancient history, history extension, and probably a language) Thing is, don't study way to much, lit destroyes you, for such little gain, just make Sure you do what you love and are passionate about and then it isn't studying. It's having fun good luck though my man! Youll pass!
  8. Simon Susarte

    Who's gonna win the war?

    As @Micchan said:
  9. Simon Susarte

    Who's gonna win the war?

    Polan can into victory. I blame the Russians.
  10. Simon Susarte

    Who's gonna win the war?

    Now I'm worried @Kazimierz the Great
  11. Simon Susarte

    Vaccination mandatory?

    Don't worry. I'm also confused.
  12. Simon Susarte

    A question on humanity.

  13. Simon Susarte

    Should there be a world government?

    Wiki page: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_government
  14. Simon Susarte

    Vaccination mandatory?

    In straya if you want your Medicare money, you have to get vaccinated. In my area (which is below 80% vaccinated...Look Nimbin up, and you'll see why....) theyall say it's the gov trying to control us, they give autism, they are bad for your health? They ain't natural, and shit like that. Funny thing is, the Anti-vaxxers are the ones who reply on the Medicare moneies