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  1. loved watching the polar express and still to this day.
  2. born wiht cuban blood and nicaraguan but lean towards cuban since live with my cuban grandparents in miami
  3. just great..i feel like we Americans are going to go down hill with idi..ahem...Trump as our president and with the law he just placed i feel like we will be isolated from all over the world and became even more hated.
  4. working on assignments in class while checking up on my forum

  5. i would join my steam user name is vaderfan93 on steam
  6. *sighs feeling tired not wanting to do anything at home today*

  7. hello there how aer you?

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    2. Lord Riddle

      Lord Riddle

      i will thank you *smiles*

    3. PSC
    4. Lord Riddle

      Lord Riddle

      i already submitted an hour ago so im still waiting ;):) 

      thank you :D

  8. omg i love this pictures this cats are so cute!!!
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