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  1. Cenna

    The Grand Collapse

    Effective immediately all Caledonian forces are being handed over to The great Brittian Atlantis. Caledonia has taken a hard fall due to (blank).
  2. Cenna

    Sphenisca's News!

    Hell no
  3. Cenna

    Military Credit Request

    (5) Supply wagons= 50 (2) Heavy Swordsmen= 30 (1) Halberdier= 5 (1) Foot Transport Ship= 250 (1) Carack= 1000 (400) Spearmen= 200 Total= 1535 credits
  4. Cenna

    Conquest & Expansion Caledonian Empire

    When the scouts returned with the news Emperor Cenna sent the full force of his army in now a 1000 total of Spearman into c23. He promised his men each a piece of gold for each member of their house if they could take this land. Cenna was very well known for his generosity but don't take him for granted because he was in fact still a mighty Emperor.
  5. Cenna

    Conquest & Expansion Caledonian Empire

  6. Cenna

    Conquest & Expansion Caledonian Empire

    The emperor had rode in with his men to the newly claimed land and sent a spy into the lands boardering it to discover what was on the lands filled with gold. spying on plot c23
  7. Cenna

    Conquest & Expansion Caledonian Empire

    Cenna seeing the other side of the board on his new lands got excited and thirsty, but he knew better than to order an invasion without knowing that lands so he decides to wait til he could build his forces up. He sends his remaining Spearmen 955 in total to the newly claimed beachhead and has begun to plot his invasion.
  8. Cenna

    Military Credit Request

    Nation Name: Caledonia Spearmen - 900- 450 Spy- 1- 50
  9. Cenna

    Conquest & Expansion Caledonian Empire

    I want C25 The Caledonia Navy being the fiercest of all the sees was sent out on an expedition to Northern Iberia. The ships wrapped around the peninsula until they found a spot to land, It took about 7 months. Within a few days the camps were fully set up. only about 45 of the total army went but the ships heavily beat out any opposition.
  10. Cenna


    I wanna take C25
  11. NATION NAME Caledonia CAPITAL: Adrenia (AI) LEADER: Emperor Cenna Alexander Norte GOVERNMENT TYPE: Monarchy CURRENCY: Norte (1┼ł is the equivalent of 9.43 SUM) GDP per capita: 14┼ł GDP: 19.89million ┼ł POPULATION: 1,743,281 ARMED FORCES Caledonian Royal Guard STANDING MILITARY: ground: 1400├ŚSpearman= 700 credits(.5 per unit) 2x Heavy Swordsmen= 30credits (15 per unit) 5x supply wagons=50credits(10 per unit) 1x Halberdier= 5credits (5 per unit) navy: 2├ŚCarack=2000credits (1000 per unit) 2├ŚFoot transport ships =500 credits(250 per unit) 4├ŚCOG=800 credits(200 per unit) 1├ŚCARAVEL=400 credits (400 per unit) BUILDINGS: 1├ŚMilitary Dock=500 credits (500 per unit) 2├ŚWooden Fort(free) 1├ŚBarracks(free) 1├ŚStable(free) =used FLAG: ALLIES: ENEMIES: LAWS: -Slavery: Slavery is illegal -Religion: There is an official religion but it's not mandatory to follow. -Women: Women are allowed anywhere -Alcohol: Only adults can drink alcohol -Voting (rare if at all): All adults can vote (as long as they show an ID tag to prove they are a Caledonian Citizen) -Labor: Legal to begin work at any age and end work at any age under own discretion. TAX: Everyone is taxed a flat 25% government tax BUDGET: Overall budget: 4,972,500┼ł per 5 days IRL Bank right now: 4,972,500┼ł
  12. Cenna


    I was gonna use one for my capital which is why I noticed lol
  13. Cenna

    RP Rules (For the less crazy one)

    Nation Name: Caledonia Capital: Adrenia (AI) Leader: Emperor Cenna Alexander Norte Government type: Monarchy Currency: Norte GDP per capita: 13.26┼ł GDP: 19.89million ┼ł Armed Forces: Caledonian Royal Guard Flag: Allies: Enemies: Laws: -Slavery: Slavery is illegal -Religion: There is an official religion but it's not mandatory to follow. -Women: Women are allowed anywhere -Alcohol: Only adults can drink alcohol -Voting (If allowed): All adults can vote TAX: Everyone is taxed a flat 25% government tax and there is a 5% tax for each region drawn from purchases. Budget: Overall budget: 4,772,250┼ł per week Sub Budget: 715,837.5┼ł per week Bank right now: 10mil┼ł