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  1. sojourner

    TKR Favourite Sport Poll

    Where is pool? My favorite sport to play.
  2. sojourner


    Great to have you with us!! Look for a job and help us out...IA is a good choice...oathkeeper is a good entry job.
  3. sojourner

    Mid year awards part6

    where are the rest of the nomination categories
  4. sojourner

    Guess Who Will Post Next

    surprise me! Haris
  5. sojourner

    Yui Introduction

    I never had a chance to chat with you before so Im glad to meet you. And gotta say Im a night owl.
  6. sojourner


    Welcome glad to have you on board! What is Boudin ?
  7. sojourner


    We are happy to have you with us!....I am glad you are enjoying TKR...it is a great bunch of people! Let me know if you ever need anything.
  8. sojourner

    Hello All

    Ever seen that movie?
  9. sojourner

    Hello All

  10. sojourner


    Awesome lookin dog! We have a lot of nerds here so welcome to the family. Of course, you will meet them on slack.
  11. sojourner


    Welcome!! Yes there are some of us with day jobs here lol. Im jealous of your remote ability, as I have a good friend who is a Software Development Engineer and I wish I had that ability. However, as a psych nurse, I kinda need to be there.I am a computer junkie though and spend way too much time online. I know what you mean "for the fun and social aspects" as I have met many good people this way. On slack we have a lot of channels to socialize with others. The discord link is in game on the alliance page. https://discordapp.com/invite/cJUCJgr
  12. sojourner

    A brief Introduction

    Moved your post here😀 Nice to meet you.
  13. sojourner

    Hello !

    Nice to have you aboard! You will find we have people from all over the world. Looking forward to meeting you on slack.
  14. sojourner

    Brand New Word Game

  15. sojourner

    Guess Who Will Post Next

    Haris (surprise Im here)