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  1. Yay! *readies up the quiz robot* I GOT THIS
  2. No I just missed it because ummmmmm Discord public is best place to quiz?
  3. 14,111 minutes and over 13 hours of Eminem. My most played song was Nevermind by Dennis Lloyd and R├╝ckenwind by LEA. 271% more than 2017 (4,000+ minutes lol)
  4. if I continue living in Europe, should be possible Lots of EU to cover!
  5. Germany, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Spain, Singapore, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, U.S and Canada. At some point by 2020, I want to double this list
  6. Football Manager 13? (So I picked FM 19 lol)
  7. Here's another I've listened to maybe 5 times a day for the last month. Francesca Michielin is a goddess and one of the few reasons why I'd move to Italy for.
  8. In honour of @Micchan, I've been listening to a bunch of Italian music, so I'd share the last two I listened too And also to my all my missing infra,
  9. Too far back for me I mostly listen to AnnemMayKantereit/LEA/Peter Fox/SEEED/Bushido/Miami Yacine/Raf Camora/Berlin's Most Wanted
  10. Mostly Rock/Reggaton here. Funnily enough I spend most of my time listening to Italian rock/pop/reggae and German pop/rock. Throw in some Eminem and Ariana Grande and my playlist is complete Meanwhile, on the bus, nothing like some electro.
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