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  1. I think that before we can accept capital punishment, we need to do a LOT better with our court system in determining who is guilty. Because there are way too many cases of people getting found not guilty after decades in prison. I'd rather keep a thousand child rapists in prison for the rest of their lives than risk killing an innocent person who was falsely convicted.
  2. There is a reason they're called 'Pizza pies' After all, when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, thats amore.
  3. It's a pizza about 3 inches thick. New York style has crazy amount of toppings. Chicago has crazy thick (I'm a pizza connoisseur)
  4. First they killed my father Elizabeth Smarts 'my story' The only Pirate at the Party More than the tatooed Mormon I am Malala I really love autobiographies. I also love some philosophy. CS Lewis and Alvin Plantinga are my favorites there. And of course, fantasy
  5. Ive _heard of_ one punch man. Never read any of them.
  6. Was actually a hard one for me, as knowledge and family are both big parts of my religious beliefs.
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