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  1. We are completing this expedited interview on Discord. Vouching.
  2. Thank you for your interest in joining TKR. For reasons disclosed privately, we have decided you are not a fit to join our group at this time. Best wishes elsewhere.
  3. @Varian Wrynn any luck working on the Academy info?
  4. Multi-user and bad references. Sorry, find another home.
  5. Note he is an Edgedancer. Love to see it! Welcome.
  6. Welcome and thanks for your interest! We will be along shortly to get you all up to speed, but in the interim, let me know if you need anything!
  7. Appreciate your interest! Sorry for the delay on this - many of our folks are Americans tied up with Thanksgiving. @Kyubeyor @Wizel16should be along shortly to get you processed.
  8. Are you aware that The Knights Radiant is currently engaged in an active war against CoTL and their allies? If not, you should be, given that you have lost multiple wars to our allies.
  9. BlitzToday at 4:29 AM Hey there [4:29 AM] its blitz here man, i hope you do recognise me from that recent application [4:33 AM] So here is the thing. I dont deny allegations on me to any extent. all of that is totally true. about 9 months ago(not sure about the number) i did return to tkr but now, not as a 13yr old kid but as a guy a couple years away from being a grown ass man and i was accepted. (im pretty sure its still in the archives) Niz was in power when that happened and she was totally chill with it. and when i got in and explained what has changed over the ye
  10. Going to check with Imperium on this one. Please await a response.
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