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  1. Lots of Meh in this poll. For good reason. I know why we have as many as we do, but they are generally too small to have a significant use.
  2. Benfro

    16/11/18 - TKR Secret Santa

    I'm excited about this idea and happy to participate.
  3. Benfro

    15/11/18 - Which 90s song are you?

    Man that was a really lengthy quiz! Nirvana here.
  4. I am a heavy Twitter user, regularly use Facebook/Instagram, and use WhatsApp lots as I have several family members abroad.
  5. I am 1-2 months out, usually. That's when I find the best airfare!
  6. I last saw Deadpool 2. Looking forward to the new Fantastic Beasts in a few weeks.
  7. I eat pretty much anything Mexican and/or Central American.
  8. I really like doing 2 per week. Basically put it on a 3 day rotation, and then every few weeks, we get 3 in the same week! Regardless, 3 days is enough for people to actually see it and respond, comment, and interact. It should not feel like a chore to the person responsible for them, either! I have been enjoying the new polls though.
  9. Benfro

    It's over, Forum Fighters won

    Downvoted this thread's Micchan posts to help IC remain overlord. Ben
  10. Benfro

    13/10/18 - Halloween Celebrations

    Drinking heavily and passing out candy to trick or treaters.
  11. Benfro

    06/10/18 - Whats your job?

    Finance IRL for the win!
  12. Benfro

    04/10/18 - City, Town, Village or Nowhere

    I'm between a town and a city, by this definition. Right around 300,000 people in the metro area.
  13. Benfro

    03/10/18 - Favourite Film Genre

    It is "favorite," not "favorites." I really like action and drama movies. Plus chick flicks have a soft spot for me. Went with action though. They hold my attention best.
  14. Benfro

    Which Genre of Music Do You Listen To?

    I like how you broke down EDM/techno genre, but all others are just lumped in together.