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  1. Benfro


    Welcome to the party. I'm a Denver resident that is getting a dog soon. Can only hope he turns out as cute as Bobby. Was just in Seattle a few weeks ago. Really great time!
  2. Benfro


    Glad to have someone that is already such a culture menace. Thanks for spicing up the forum and Slack already, looking forward to much more!
  3. Benfro

    Hello and Thank You in Advance for the Money

    Honesty is a virtue I guess. Thanks for the post!
  4. Benfro

    Let the galaxy burn

    Glad to have you, and especially glad to see someone jumping in with both feet! Looking forward to working with you.
  5. Benfro

    My Introduction

    /me waves. Better late than never, right @Haris ? Thanks a million for all of your contributions so far, and those to come as well. You are a most excellent knight, and we are glad to have you.
  6. Benfro

    Gib money please

    Welcome in to the party!
  7. Benfro

    Introducing The Mastermind Arash

    We are thrilled to have you! Welcome, Arash. Looking forward to plenty of interaction on Slack and here. Please reach out if you have any questions!
  8. Benfro

    Greetings Techno Barbarians

    Look who it is! Why hello there. Good to see you again, especially in these circumstances. Please be in touch, would love to catch up.