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  1. Strawberry is excellent in that grouping.
  2. I sold my iPad, it just felt like an oversized iPhone. That said, I now have a Surface Pro for work, and LOVE IT. For real. It is amazing. I like the combo feel of a fully functional laptop and a fully touchscreen tablet. @Hariffmy option is not on the list.
  3. I've never in my life visited Twitch nor been curious what is on there, let alone share my own.
  4. The queen of soul was sad, but she had been through much of her life.
  5. I played all but the weird Planet Coaster expansion you listed. I jammed out to RCT Deluxe and RCT3 specifically.
  6. I played a bit on the early versions, but definitely not anything recently.
  7. I use lots of folders so that I can use only one page.
  8. I drive a '12 Honda Accord with 112,000 miles....and it gets upwards of 32 mpg.
  9. I'm American, therefore I own a car.
  10. I'm working toward my CFP this year, but will likely sit for the exam in 2020.
  11. I went to Postmodern Jukebox just last night!
  12. I spent more time on Reddit than PnW even. It is where I do the bulk of my sports talk, and follow some of my local groups as well.
  13. I've never heard of most of these.
  14. I would really like to use a quiz platform of some kind. A chatroom is very difficult as a medium.
  15. I have no allergies, but my wife is lactose intolerant and does most of the cooking, so my dairy intake is way lower than it was previously.
  16. When else would we be able to drink and make slightly inappropriate comments to our coworkers?
  17. Why is the link in the poll title different from the one in the body of the post?
  18. I've been hooked on Witcher 3 and Horizon Zero Dawn of late; I'm definitely considering the new PS4 Spiderman game soon.
  19. Lots of Meh in this poll. For good reason. I know why we have as many as we do, but they are generally too small to have a significant use.
  20. I'm excited about this idea and happy to participate.
  21. Man that was a really lengthy quiz! Nirvana here.
  22. I am a heavy Twitter user, regularly use Facebook/Instagram, and use WhatsApp lots as I have several family members abroad.
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