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  1. It has to be two letters. If three people pass a new word with a different letter can be started.
  2. lol seeing my name in the Most Missed Player category seems funny and morbid, like looking at my own coffin. edit: and see, I got votes too!
  3. Well, Patriot, AC, IC get ripped apart in close combat>warriors. Creepy, Smith get taken out by marksmen> high importance people, the planners. Lordship and Blackie, erm, get chopped up. Not going to explain that one, but they have got some enemies for different reasons lol.
  4. Micchan has a nice beard, I don't look so friendly, Schirm and Nizam look ridiculously handsome, but I don't envy Kayser's and Japan's avatars lol. Looking forward to the stories! Also, did you notice the irony in the way people are dying?
  5. With no disrespect intended, are we going to continue the interview, or has it ended?

    1. SaintlyBloody


      We are continuing it. Wait for someone to get available and ask more questions. Check back later in the day.

    2. Platinum


      Okay, thank you.

  6. Quite the flashy guy who impresses people easily
  7. A person who doesn't appear much, but when he does everybody's heart swells up as he is one of our front line soldiers. Also a person whose references are obscure enough to go over the head of Happy. Edit: oh, got it now. Yes, I am Happy!
  8. Once started, can't stop. JK.
  9. Let's keep upvoting each other until I have 1000 reps and you have 1953 ;D
  10. I gave you a downvote so you can reach 1000 reps thrice and make a hattrick
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