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  1. I would like to post by your leave in your topic. Would you like to apply to join this alliance? If you would, please repost or post below using the template given here:
  2. Well, Patriot, AC, IC get ripped apart in close combat>warriors. Creepy, Smith get taken out by marksmen> high importance people, the planners. Lordship and Blackie, erm, get chopped up. Not going to explain that one, but they have got some enemies for different reasons lol.
  3. Micchan has a nice beard, I don't look so friendly, Schirm and Nizam look ridiculously handsome, but I don't envy Kayser's and Japan's avatars lol. Looking forward to the stories! Also, did you notice the irony in the way people are dying?
  4. With no disrespect intended, are we going to continue the interview, or has it ended?

    1. SaintlyBloody


      We are continuing it. Wait for someone to get available and ask more questions. Check back later in the day.

    2. Platinum


      Okay, thank you.

  5. nvm i not in yoru allince :( sadly bye i miss u 

    1. empire of blue fox tribe

      empire of blue fox tribe

      hey i going try again. I will get in here til death maybe beyond death :) i will always try never giving up

  6. heey sanity blood can I finish my interview

    i need this alliance to be protected so can u plz give me the rest and i will answer

  7. images.jpg.a7cb6bbaaf0a2230fe3e8b3574a15aae.jpg59c1ac5abd151_2048x1152youtubechannelartgalaxyCarPictures.thumb.jpg.059513de3cb9beb46668c3259cdeb909.jpg

    1. empire of blue fox tribe

      empire of blue fox tribe

      k the cat is y profile  background and the cute blue fox ear girl is my profile image

  8. i hope i get great community reputation  if not i wonder why i kind guy why would they be rude if i kind

  9. well i hope i fit in here i feel welcome already  

    1. empire of blue fox tribe

      empire of blue fox tribe

      i wonder if the other members will be nice like






    2. empire of blue fox tribe

      empire of blue fox tribe

      i hope so i only met one who is friendly

  10. somewhere between a liberal and a constructivist. How are you associated with IR if I may ask?
  11. eh sorry I had mixed up the vicky timeline
  12. Out of curiosity, which paradox game allows you to play 1906?
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