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  1. I do play the piano but I only have a couple of songs entitled to myself, feel free to join in one of these days on a discord call and I will play a bit for u
  2. Nope, I still have hopes on Micchan being next.
  3. Was that a foolish attempt to make me post next? Well good sir you have accomplished it. Grats. Micchan has deffo something up her sleeve....
  4. To everyone that voted and for the people that participated on the event I want to inform you that the poll has officially ended. 1st place - Kaladin, congratulations you will be receiving 10M in cash and a special surprise to be delivered soon. 2nd places- it's a tie between Bear and Strife, congratulations to both of you and no one leaves empty handed as you both will revieve 5M in cash. Ty for also participating Micchan but people apparently thought that your face on a bottom was better than the bottom itself.
  5. This will take ages to be over, why didn't you make it a first person to post wins?! Whyyy
  6. In times of great need one must look to never before considered options. Yes, it's similar to Micchan for all I know.
  7. http://www.knightsradiant.pw/topic/5020-tkr-christmas-event-2017/ 5 candidates, pick your best.
  8. Damn it, you always catch my grammar mistakes...
  9. You were praticly gone for not more then a week and you got nominated and voted for the most missed player award, just comes to show how much the community likes you.
  10. Micchan is trying to kill me as she somehow knows that I am allergic to cats, whyyyyy whyyyyyyyyy
  11. Bangas

    Would Ye

    I believe that by knowing when or how to die I would be paranoid about it so in this scenario ignorance is the best option and that's why I picked neither.
  12. Bangas


    I picked 1585-1660 like milord but mainly cuz I have wondered quite a bit about what would be the best job on that time, my life would consist of me either being a Baker or a blacksmith, possible sail with great portuguese discoverers once I have gotten old and stay in brasil with a sugar cane farm till the end of my days.
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