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  1. Yes, you create a new account. EU has more people than US server. Though RU has even more.
  2. They're not OP. Well neither are they weak. Quite alot of variety.
  3. Oh the game has changed to much since. There's tier 10 lights running around over 90km/h
  4. Funny how you left out the word "supporter". This is my final post in this alliance at all. @Infinite Citadel please demask me. Before I go I leave you with summary: Alyster: France was kwel. I'm not a fan of outcome of American revolution. Rickky: So you support German victory in WW2 because of that? Alyster: there's no way of linking those two Rickky: Your ignorant. I know exactly how 170 years of history on world scale would play out if we change one major event. Alyster: No one can know that. Rickky: Your ignorant. Fuck you.
  5. What facts do you want. England has a good case, No one denies it. Many people posted about it. Mixing it up with Rickky calling me Hitler supported because of American revolution comment. That is stupid. Or do you want me to make up a sci fi story about if that happened differently then that would have happened so. Yjere are no facts in alternative time line, just wishful thinking. No thank you I stick to history not sci-fi.
  6. Whats your problem little lady. You posted poll of the day I replied.
  7. That's a summary. After ten rounds of tango I still refuse to go into the topic* if that had been differet then this that and that would be different in world politics. That's sci-fi. *Well okay I did promise aliens would have invaded but whatever.
  8. You accused me of saying if I didn't like the outcome American revolution I suppoter the German victory in WW2. See page 1. Then we got to the alternative history mastering. If US revolution would have failed then Britons would have retaliated then world would remain stupid then comes Germany and wins the WW2. Or however you planned out the timey-wimey stuff how two events are tied together across 170 years. Alex is also probably right.
  9. I'm ignorant because I don't agree with your sci-fi? If American revolution would have been a failure - British Empire would turn on everyone with a diploma in colonies - Hitler would have ruled the world - UPN would have rolled us in the last war And you call me ignorant for saying lets not make up fairytales with out no realistic historical support.
  10. So if all of your colony is in open rebellion and you put it down, then you commit genocide? We can go rounds and rounds.
  11. But if the chef asks me what's my fav. dish before I've eaten there I tell him I haven't tasted any.
  12. I am not a vegan, I do go to vegan restaurants
  13. Is there a link inbetween Star Wars Empire and British empire for you or what? Evil British are coming with their hate against progress. Next episode is Return of Trump and New Hope. I know I said something unpatriotic for the yanks, but geez you don't need to get your panties twisted now. Stretching 1 event from 1770s to influence just 1 event in 1940s is over extending yourself a bit isn't it. In meanwhile you ignore 170 years of history that all would have been totally different in a way no one knows. You're saying British would have killed all the inventors, I say aliens would have landed. Neither can be proven and both are stupid.
  14. So if " Well say America did not get independence " (quoting you) the British Empire would not exist? See this is why I don't like but can not refuse alternative history topics.
  15. How on earth does British Empire suddenly become another black hole on world map if US loses the revolution?
  16. Again like Rickky you're making an assumption that if America lost their war of independence, US would be replaced by a big black hole and every other detail in history would play out exactly the same for 200 years until the point in history you chose to view. And still the fact remains we have our modern day superpower - the U.S. - because of the French and their support.
  17. And like I said American revolution was a victory because of the French. Also it did stay rather isolated for the time. One thing is to create a new rules in a colony the other is to break down on 1000 years of aristocracy in Europe.
  18. Who could say the British wouldn't have given them better opportunities. Lets no go there Rickky, alternative history is a bitch in the end of the day we both will look stupid and everyone's annoyed. It's impossible to say that by changing one thing in history everything else remains the same but event "B" will change 200 years later.
  19. Does not compute. British colonies in the Americas would have probably had some similar effect as the U.S. providing resources and manpower. Alternative history's causality is a bitch. We have no real bases to say that different result in an event "A" would have caused a different result in event "B" 200 years later, because we wouldn't even know if event "B" would happen. We're just assuming majority of the timeline would have been the same until our next point of interest in history. For all we know WW2 might have not happened because Germany could have won WW1. Also look on the bright side. Had you lost the revolution Santa Anna could have kept Texas.
  20. Voted France because of French revolution - the single most important thing in Early Modern History. The revolution in addition to ancient Greek democracy is a core bases of our modern society. Due to the French we no longer have kingdoms but republics, we don't have aristocracy ruling over us but instead we think of every newborn as a clean sheet in the world that can make his/her own future live the American dream as we say now. We identify ourselves by nationality not by which crown we serve. From military point of view most of the 20th century, including both world wars, were fought by conscription / DRAFT based armies which is another direct result from French revolution and Napolionic wars. In addition everything that relates to arts and culture France beats England hands down. British built railroads, French wrote operas and built beautiful castles decorated by world class paintings. You won your petty little rebellion against the tax collectors because of the French. Just saying. French however did something that seemed unthinkable at the time. They not only removed their own king from office but decapitated him . Furthermore due to Napolionic wars the ideas from French revolution spread across Europe (mind that in that day and age Europe = the World). American revolution remain at the same time quite isolated. And I don't necessarily view the outcome of American revolution as a positive one.
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