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  1. Mad Max

    Which RP would it be?

  2. Mad Max

    Micchan slack bounty

    Thats my birthday
  3. Mad Max


    Sit down. Not you.
  4. Mad Max

    How old do you look?

    I'm 25, look 17
  5. Mad Max


    My secret. I think i found my one. (you know who you are.)
  6. Mad Max

    Battlefield 1 - A WW1 game

    Did someone say erection? Xbox One Player here. (MadMax739) feel free to harass me. Never really was into BF before...not sure why, my bro got me into BF4 and now Hardline, I got into the gaming and mechanics of it vs other games of the same genre, fell in deep....hardd....love. Then when they inroduced BF1 I mean I nearly came in my own pants this time. (sorry about your pants RoboMonkey...) I got to try out the Beta of the game as well, 1 map, 1 mode, very few glitches/bugs - and so fucking exciting. Its something when you don't get bored of playing the same map over and over. Between the graphics, weaponry, planes, tanks, and just simple gameplay and "era" - I am so god damn hyped. I hear on October 13 those with Origin/EA Access will get 10 hours to play the game. Something like 5 maps, a few modes, and 2 levels on the campaign. If you play all 10 hours a fancy battlepack will be waiting for you on the 18th for early access launch (delux edition). Not sure if I can do the whole 10 hours.
  7. Mad Max


    I'm glad you guys are there! I enjoy the swarm.
  8. Mad Max


    Not sure if I'm out of my realm here - but being that I have access, I'll just roll with it. ESD uses discord religiously. I understand you guys use slack, but the main problem with that is with all the alliances moving to discord and like NOBODY being active on IRC, the only way to contact you guys (for us) is here, with regards to the few TKR members who come hang out with us on Discord....and we can't/don't have permission to access you slack. Discord is a great way to open communications up through text and voice. Ultimately, TKR's decision is yours. But ESD is always looking for you guys to come hang out - I believe we have the most active/fun discord server.
  9. Mad Max

    Poll of the Day Love

    Never cheated - been cheated on - its horrid.
  10. Mad Max

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted! but it isn't processed..... I wish i was in a relationship.
  11. Mad Max

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted, but they pose no actual challenge to you - so you're stuck in a tailspin of boredom. My water is frozen, I wish it would melt so I can drink it.