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  1. Haha, yeh last time I was sick when it was supposed to happen and I didn't tell anyone. Was definitely not my finest hour but it will not happen for this time, I promise
  2. Haha it was human error, anyway its been fixed, thanks for letting me know.
  3. So far it looks like we will start at 6:00pm in-game time on Friday as then people can come and go as they please and it will cover all of the other popular times so far.
  4. @Bear can you please not select all of them? it skews the results and makes it harder for me to determine which one people actually want the most. Please just choose a few like 3 at most or I will have to put it back to one answer each.
  5. I have made it multiple answer, try selecting now.
  6. Yeh that time might be best for you but we gotta see what time everyone else votes for lol.
  7. The poll is in in-game time (not EST) so please take that into consideration, the poll will be up for a week so after that whichever time has the most votes will be the time we start the VC. It will probably go for a while so if you can't make it at the start then you can join later.
  8. What time next Friday Night (01/09/2018) would it best suit you to do a voice-chat on discord?
  9. What is your favourite sport to watch and play?
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