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  1. Kaladin Stormblessed

    Search for a missing embassy 2.0

    thanks ha
  2. Kaladin Stormblessed

    Search for a missing embassy 2.0

    @Gorge, you posted in the embassy on Tuesday. You can't see it anymore? Your mask appears to be correct. So let me know.
  3. Kaladin Stormblessed

    Introducing The Mastermind Arash

    http://www.knightsradiant.pw/topic/1598-tkr-objectives-list/ Post there with a link to any completed objectives.
  4. Kaladin Stormblessed

    Hello from GB

    Hey, welcome! We're happy to have you! I've always wanted to visit England. Yeah, yeah I know it's just home to you, but whatever haha. In regards to the music, that's my personal favorite genre, as well--however, I do enjoy all kinds of music. As far as active bands go, I'm a big fan of Cage the Elephant. Other personal favorites include: Nirvana, Marilyn Manson, Led Zeppelin, Beck, The White Stripes, The Beatles, Muse... I better stop now Anywho, welcome!
  5. Kaladin Stormblessed

    Jagdkommandos summary

    Hiya! I currently work for a private ambulance company, but I don't plan on trying for the firefighter route. I assume you mean fire academy for a department? That'd be a great career, but I have no interest in the details of that job, notably clean up and recovery haha. How does that work with your plans to attend university overseas? What do you want to go to school for? Anyway, I'll shut up with the questions Glad to have you, man! Welcome!
  6. Kaladin Stormblessed

    DrT Terminator of Rise of the Machines - Introduction

    Hey, man, welcome! I, too, have to be an adult and work a day job, haha. I'd like to work in an office, but currently, I work for a private ambulance company, which I do enjoy. If you watch Black Mirror on Netflix, you should check out the episode "Be Right Back." It's not about a war or anything, but they are able to construct a "digital copy" of someone based on their online persona. Your post reminded me of that a bit, even if the specific story lines are different
  7. Kaladin Stormblessed

    Introduction - hello TKR

    Hey, Benko! Welcome home! We're glad that you joined us here! And don't worry about your English, that's not bad at all! What level of schooling are you at? PS, a lot of people here LOVE anime.
  8. Kaladin Stormblessed

    Who stole my reps?

    @Micchan @Bangas @Bear I don't think team slack was even aware we were volunteered lol I'm down for it, but idk if the others are. Also, you just post the number of a territory to conquer at the top of the hour? And only on person gets to conquer once per hour? And that's the first person to post? Idk.. I am a fool lol.
  9. Kaladin Stormblessed

    Micchan posting music

    My God, you're a scholar haha. But really, that must've took you some time. Thank you! How gd interesting, btw lol.
  10. Kaladin Stormblessed

    Micchan posting music

    Now THIS, this I HAVE to hear
  11. Kaladin Stormblessed

    Hello, darkness my old friend

    I am a boring loser. But I'd still like to welcome you to the aa! Good intro!
  12. Kaladin Stormblessed


    Hey! Glad to see you are in the alliance now, welcome! I hope to see you on slack and around the forums soon, too! Have fun and welcome to TKR!
  13. Kaladin Stormblessed


    Cage the Elephant, fuck yes.
  14. Kaladin Stormblessed

    Last person to post wins

    Oh, how short lived it was.
  15. Kaladin Stormblessed

    Guess Who Will Post Next

    Oh, shit. A wild Kaladin appeared! Here comes muh boy Leroyjenkinz up next!