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  1. Raijin

    TKR Christmas event 2017

    Thanks! voted
  2. Raijin

    TKR Christmas event 2017

    Can we get to see the pictures? Cuz i am new and haven't seen any of the pictures
  3. Raijin

    Ey, Izzy here

    Hello guys, Izzy here. I am 16, student and aspire to be a software engineer. As for hobbies i like gaming, coding and gfx. As for the game, i started playing about a month ago and applied to the alliance the day i joined. I find counters, raids and wars (in-game ofc ) fun. Currently involved in IA's oathkeeping, tech, hr and gfx. Also totally made this post for the objective moniez .
  4. Raijin

    Would Ye

    Well since i know that death is unavoidable and everyone is going die one day, why care about it? I would rather enjoy the journey to death, i.e life.
  5. Raijin

    Last person to post wins

    ^ Nope