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  1. Stive1230

    Introduction - Get To Know

    I already did on the specified forum. Signing up right now! Woot Woot!
  2. Stive1230

    Introduction - Get To Know

    Hello everyone, My name is Stive1230, I am a current student working to be a medical professional, particularly a Cardiologist, or a Neurologist. I am interested in this game due to my fascination with history and the political world as well. My plans in this alliance are to be humble with everyone and attempt to make some new friends as well as protect my fellow members as such as I can. I would like to join Internal Affairs, such as like an person for reviewing of applicants, or the military branch. Really looking forward to being a prominent figure in this alliance, and being able to protect those that cannot be protected. Thank you for your time, Stive1230