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  1. RagnarBuliwyf

    Were do I apply

    Hi mate, Follow the instructions here.
  2. RagnarBuliwyf

    I dun been demasked

  3. RagnarBuliwyf

    I dun been demasked

    Not sure what's going on. I've been demasked though. Let me back in. It's cold out.
  4. RagnarBuliwyf

    Last person to post wins

  5. RagnarBuliwyf

    quest to 100 pages

  6. RagnarBuliwyf

    quest to 100 pages

    Þetta mun taka langan tíma
  7. RagnarBuliwyf

    Describe The Person Above You

    A man who screams a lot.
  8. RagnarBuliwyf


    Had this for over a year. My first battle of hastings. It's always been special to me as I'm in it and it was an amazing experience.
  9. RagnarBuliwyf

    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

    I play it. You're welcome to come and slap me on my discord to play sometime. https://discord.gg/49tQyQ
  10. RagnarBuliwyf

    Describe The Person Above You

    I look at your profile pic and think of Vape Nation.
  11. RagnarBuliwyf

    Spring avatar

    Feels like Spring in the UK. Then again, when it gets to like 8c I fucking burn and it feels like ridiculous hot for me.
  12. People at work call me Hamish because I'm scottish, been called that for a few years now.
  13. RagnarBuliwyf

    Post here and I'll rank you based on fighting ability

    Skal Rank me. @Infinite Citadel