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  1. RagnarBuliwyf

    Twitch tv

    Cause I talk a lot of shit Currently doing a stellaris playthrough! Might even do a multiplayer one @Lordship @Infinite Citadel
  2. RagnarBuliwyf

    Twitch tv

    I launched a new channel & managed to hit affiliate this month. I was wondering if I could get a little TKR support?
  3. RagnarBuliwyf

    Poll 17/11/18 - Paradox Winter Game

    I'd be happy for it. It for me, depends on timezones. I'm UK based.
  4. RagnarBuliwyf

    16/11/18 - TKR Secret Santa

    Happy to take part.
  5. RagnarBuliwyf

    10/11/18 - Have you donated to Politics and War?

    I've donated more than a few times to the game and will do more than likely in the future. I believe about 2 years ago when I spoke to Sheepy, he said he'd made roughly 60k USD in the first few months of the game opening. I believe it's died down however but he does still maintain a steady stream of income from the game. Which is excellent for a college kid.
  6. None of above. Am biker
  7. RagnarBuliwyf

    3/11/18 - No Nut November

    No. Man, in all honesty I think if I told the wife of No nut November, she'd probably laugh at me.
  8. Whenever Infinity war came out. That's when I last went.