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  1. I had to cheat the word question though, it's not my native language
  2. wow, that's awesome! I live in a third world country, unfortunately maybe one day I get to scape this shithole! but for now, I gotta make do with what I got.
  3. yes, it is a pain in the A$$! but it can be fixed, 16Mbps with 360GB is around 10$ and extra traffic is 10GB<2$ also, I don't think mining uses much traffic, does it?
  4. good idea, but 1$ is 150000IRR (on google it says 42000 but that not the case on the free market here) here so at the most I'll be able to put 2-3 bucks in without stealing from my dad! yes, I'm unemployed and live off my dad still! yes I'm24, in my defense I'm a student! on a totally unrelated note - if anyone has cryptocurrency mining equipment or can help me with the logistics, I can run a mining operation since electricity and internet is somewhat cheaper over here, and send out the money! how cheap you may ask, well I pay 0 on electricity and under 5$ for 8Mbps 180GB internet per month! for further information get in contact with me
  5. I live in iran so i guess i can not participate
  6. i have an account for every single one of them, I rarely use LinkedIn for formal and educational stuff, i check facebook just for channelate comics. i check youtube once a day, following some talk shows on there. whatsapp is my main app for communicating with friends and family since telegram was banned in Iran. and i spend hours on Instagram just killing time! looking at soccer highlights or dogs or comics. the rest are there in case i need them!
  7. Where Is the Aragh sagi option? poll sucks
  8. personally, I don't go out at all when the weather is like that, I just sit in my room in front of the AC, but workers I guess got used to it by now. wow, 40 degrees is considered spring for us!
  9. same, Abadan is a small, industrial city mainly know for oil refining and petroleum companies although there is some farming and fishing going on here as well. and since it became a free zone, it's growing rapidly even though the weather here is harsh and sandstorms are a common phenomena don't let the beautiful picture fool you though, the temperature here reaches up to 60C in summer and the relative humidity is also 100% most of the time which makes the air unbreathable and basically daytime unusable! but the nightlife of the city is awesome, people get out of their homes at 7 pm and stay out until even a couple of hours past midnight. this city used to have a lot of clubs and bars back in the previous regime (Pahlavi) but since Iran turned into an "Islamic" nation, there ain't shit to enjoy unless you pick up chick and get contraband drinks (mostly Aragh Sagi or whiskey and vodka with a huge chance of being fake) and find take them to your house! (even then there is a chance you get caught by authorities and have to bribe your way out or get whipped literally!)
  10. Arash

    Anime & Manga

    yeah, the process is really hard and time-consuming
  11. Arash

    Anime & Manga

    wait a minute! we are in 2018 rn where is the second season then? did it release? did i watch it and forget about it?
  12. Arash

    Anime & Manga

    helll yeahhhhhhhh! Great news and it's the first line of this thread, awesome! I was literally thinking of coming here shouting OPM is the best anime ever and leaving!
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