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  1. Arash

    Who am I?

    they usually use a uniform build for all their cities, easier to manage and can use bulk change. but not the best idea at low infra
  2. Arash

    Poll of the Day

    they most probably will go through, and the final will be an awesome game. I agree, but as you saw today midfield is more important in creating opportunities that's why I think Real would win that one. but it would be a game to remember nonetheless.
  3. Arash

    Poll of the Day

    I really thought Juventus was going to get to semifinals, I really hoped so too... the f**king ref with that last minute penalty 😢
  4. Arash

    Poll of the Day

    Salah is the future, but I think Real Madrid has a better team, also more experience, and it won't come down to one person I think that would be an awesome game, Salah would play very well, but they will lose in the end
  5. Arash

    Poll of the Day

    I'm not European nor football friendly, but damn this is the clash of titans!!😍 but I see your point though.. that's why you are the boss
  6. Arash

    Poll of the Day

    but the pool of the day should've been who wins the first leg of Real Madrid vs Bayern Munich my money is on Real Madrid 💪😝
  7. Arash

    Poll of the Day

    I'm a nerd as well 🤓
  8. Arash


    yeah, entrance exams are a bit hard to be honest, i was 2 days on the game and i had to know everything i studied more than i did for my master's degree i think we need to simplify it, or at least let the failed people try again
  9. 🤣 welcome to my profile!
    feel free to leave a comment

  10. Arash

    Poll of the Day (21/4/18)

    You Are 38% Ravenclaw, 29% Slytherin, 19% Hufflepuff, and 14% Gryffindor! You are a Ravenclaw through and through, but your ruthless ambition means you may also fit well in Slytherin. Knowledge is incredibly important to you, and you love nothing more than learning new things, but your love of learning is undeniably motivated by your determination for success. Unlike some of your fellow Ravenclaws, you often avoid any task that requires teamwork, preferring to work alone. Your slight compatibility with Hufflepuff house suggests a deep love and appreciation for those close to you, which you may keep hidden for fear of being hurt.
  11. Arash

    Introducing The Mastermind Arash

    thanks, happy to be here, loving this alliance and all the support ♥
  12. Arash

    Introducing The Mastermind Arash

    why ask one person and wait for him to get online and respond if he can, when you can ask the society and get the quick response?
  13. Arash

    Introducing The Mastermind Arash

  14. Arash

    Introducing The Mastermind Arash

    where do I request for the 1 mil though? this thread was an objective completed.
  15. Arash

    Introducing The Mastermind Arash

    Thanks ♥