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  1. Arash

    Anime & Manga

    yeah, the process is really hard and time-consuming
  2. Arash

    Anime & Manga

    false promises
  3. Arash

    Anime & Manga

    wait a minute! we are in 2018 rn where is the second season then? did it release? did i watch it and forget about it?
  4. Arash

    Anime & Manga

    helll yeahhhhhhhh! Great news and it's the first line of this thread, awesome! I was literally thinking of coming here shouting OPM is the best anime ever and leaving!
  5. Arash

    Mid year awards part6

    this is a trap, all gov is great, not gonna respond
  6. Arash

    Poll of the day (16/6/18)

    lol Germany, lol Brasil!
  7. Arash

    Poll of the day (16/6/18)

    IRAN lol but for real, potugal can't hack it because it's basicly CR7 alone, same thing with argantina and belgium just diffrent players! germany and spain are the bigest chances i think, brasil is uncertain, they have potential but who knows if they can deliver?! same goes for france, urugay, england ...
  8. Arash

    Poll of the Day (13/6/18)

    didn't it used to say Hi! at the end?
  9. Arash

    Poll of the Day (13/6/18)

    every time
  10. Arash

    Poll of the Day (13/6/18)

    yeah, but those people probably wouldn't like the leaders to know either...
  11. Arash

    Poll of the Day (13/6/18)

    why is this secret though?
  12. Arash

    Poll of the Day (18/05/18)

    this is eye-opening
  13. Arash

    Poll of the Day(13/5/2018)

    I say pub or bar, cause there is a saying in Persian مستی و راستی which means drunk and honest when people drink they tend to show the real side of their personality, so it's a good way of getting to know someone also drinking takes the edge off, first dates can be awkward
  14. Arash

    Poll of the Day (4/5/18)

    tennis/ping pong/ Table tennis
  15. Arash

    Poll of the Day

    Faxe kondi It´s a danish 7up, which is hella good i don't know what it is but i take your word for it