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  1. Citizen

    Who am I?

    Very cool! Glad to have you, Ariento! I love how diverse and full of awesome people TKR is and we're only growing! If you have any questions or need any help with anything at all, please don't hesitate to ask. What else do you like to do for fun?
  2. Citizen


    Hey! I love building PC's! Let me know what you're trying to achieve with it and with what budget, and I would love to help you pick parts. Picking parts, in my experience, is the hardest and least fun part about building your own PC. Once you get them, building the PC is SOOOO fun. Your first PC will be so satisfactory, and after that each one just becomes therapeutic. Turn off your brain and just plug and go. Yeah, I'm pretty passionate about it. Oh yeah, welcome to the alliance! If there's people in PnW who can shut down the resource market, they would most likely be in TKR. Good luck and if you need anything at all, please don't hesitate to ask!
  3. Citizen


    Sounds like you'll fit in just fine! I would love to be a bee keeper. I have tons of wildflowers in my yard just to get them around. It seems like I get more wasps than bees though, unfortunately. I bet you're glad about the European legislation to band bee harming pesticides though!
  4. Citizen

    Gib money please

    I heard that Brandon Sanderson is something else when it comes to putting words on pages! I'll gladly give up my rep points, but first, can you tell me any cool history facts?
  5. Citizen

    Arisen from the Ash

    Hey fellow Knights, I am super stoked to have been accepted into this awesome alliance. I plan to be active as possible and to grow big and strong. In the meantime I want to get some raiding under my belt so if I have to fight I don't struggle unnecessarily. I used to be a Minister of War within a micro of ~90 people on CyberNations back in 2010ish. I remember organizing quads and joining fights against groups larger than us. The first war we fought as an alliance, we won, and I'll never forget the excitement and pride I felt for my comrades. This game seems a lot cooler than that too, FWIW. You can call me Cit/citi, etc. I am 23 and I'm currently switching from the construction industry after learning web/mobile programming. I am far from an expert but I enjoy learning new things and working on projects. I have not read the Stormlight Archives but a lot of my friends have recommended Sanderson to me many times, so I guess I have to cave now. Other than those, I've heard great things about Jim Butcher's Dresden files and I am currently reading Guy Gavriel Kay's Under Heaven which I have fallen in love with. It's about a fantastical Tang Dynasty stylized environment about a benevolent young man who goes to a remote area where a terrible battle occurred. He spends his days burying the bones there with reverence. For doing this, he is gifted 50 sardian horses from the Princess. Just one sardian horse can change a man's life, four or five propels him above his fellows and makes him the envy of others and target to some. 50, though? It's as if the Princess doesn't know what she's doing, or, rather, has ulterior motives. It's a super good book with fantasy fighting and lots of political intrigue. Thanks for reading my intro and if you're interested in chatting, let me know! I am always interested in good book recc's.
  6. Citizen

    Application to join TKR - WuW00

    Hey, I'm a fresh faced squire so I don't have too much advice for you just yet. However, from what I know, make sure to read the guides in the Academy once you're accepted. They have great information and filled in holes in my knowledge that the in game tutorial didn't. Not saying the in-game tutorial is not good, au contraire. It is also beneficial and definitely worth doing simply for the money bonus upon completion. To supplement that income, you can click Objectives on the left nav bar and complete those for bounty income as well. Logging in consecutively daily also provides a compounding income that is very nice. You can maximize that income by logging in daily for the first 60 days. Good luck and I'm glad to have some new faces coming aboard alongside me! If there's anything I can do to help you, let me know.