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  1. Hariff

    06/01/18 - Virtual Worlds

    oh that certainly should! woops!
  2. obligatory forums option
  3. Hariff

    Awards Voting Part 1 - Meme, Topic, Post

    I posted this in slack announcements for you @Micchan thank me later
  4. Hariff

    06/01/18 - Virtual Worlds

    its a beauty
  5. Hariff

    09/01/18 - New Years Resolutions

    i will have to report modi 1 to alex i'm afraid as that is breaching the terms and conditions #modifamilytkrcoup
  6. What was yours? Have you broken it yet?
  7. Hariff

    06/01/18 - Virtual Worlds

    thanks for the story, when i saw it was a red five story unfortunately it wasn't as funny as your most shameful boner one probably my favourite post on these damn forums!
  8. What virtual worlds did you play when you were younger? I have only included web based ones I think
  9. Hariff

    30/12/18 - Quiz Nights

    stole the words right out my mouth! next quiz night or so, mark my words! @Keshav Yeah i don't really like waiting till midnight hah, i don't know but the second quiz had a lot more people so it will probably remain around 11-12 ish. We can vary it though like around
  10. Hariff

    30/12/18 - Quiz Nights

    Have you taken part?
  11. Hariff


    nice, but i believe its bought
  12. Hariff

    quest to 1000 pages

  13. Hariff

    quest to 1000 pages

  14. Hariff

    quest to 1000 pages

  15. Hariff

    quest to 1000 pages