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  1. Looking at the current situation in PW, I'm not exactly a fan of the way that alliances are moving purely over to Discord from forums, as forums and RPing and building communities was always part of the game for me. That was one of the reasons why I came here, as I do like the way you haven't gone that route, game just wouldn't be fun otherwise. Plus Discord is far more distracting then Forums, I'd much prefer to get onto forums then Discord while at work, as it's less of a time distraction. I'd love a way of incentising forum use in a future game, but it's kinda hard to think of any, without just offering free forums to people.
  2. Spoilers : I don't play the game anymore, so don't ask me who I am or send me any messages in game asking me to join. I'm just here to bounce ideas of veteran players. Anyway, that being said, What would you guys be looking for in a nation game of this genre? (PT, CN, PW, etc), I know that Sheepy/Alex is planning on bringing out some of his own games, but most of them look like fairly poor quality simulacrums of PW or CN, certainly something a lot of us might not be wanting to play again. So if you had a choice on what one of these games would be and what features it would have, what would you want? (and maybe those ideas will find there way into a future game..)