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  1. I am disappointed at our lack of ladies with strong beards... @Nizam Adrienne @Micchan
  2. Floating Hippo, Resident Omnivore. I'm offended.
  3. @Infinite Citadel Do you have the time once a week :V ?
  4. fuck yeah, i'm down. Our EU4 gameplay a year back was a success. only problem was that we were burnt out by the time we started Stellaris, I think we're rested enough for a new one.
  5. voting mcgregor cuz mayweather is a capitol letters c- but mayweather fights too defensively, i expect it to be another boring fight just like the one he had with pacquiao and don't underplay the age factor guys, mayweather is 40 and is bound to be a lot slower than he was at his prime.
  6. I don't think the Paris and Chicago example was the best you could have used, have you seen the distance between New York and San Diego? We live in a world where distance doesn't matter, what matters is our silly little differences and labels that we set on ourselves. When these are removed, we will realize we are a lot more alike than we are different. Once we realize we are all equal humans, perhaps we can unite and face the universe together, pushing beyond our current frontiers.
  7. Yes, we make a lot more progress when we are united. This world government would of course have to be some sort of representative/direct democracy.
  8. English, Spanish and a little Portuguese.
  9. No one wants to remove guns, but we should deff. get smart with restrictions, I see of no reason why the mentally handicapped should have a gun
  10. Your legs could be nice but I am sure they don't compare to IC's 18
  11. You're right Blackie, we need to make TKR great again. First step is removing you from the AA.
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