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  1. Dio


    Hello. Congratulations on getting into TKR.
  2. Dio

    A Passerby from Ad-Mech

    Damn IC. Savage as hell
  3. Dio

    A Passerby from Ad-Mech

    Can confirm. Nizam's amazing, I would've stopped attempting to struggle with forum maskings 3 minutes in. <3
  4. Dio

    Favorite Characters

    Kaladin, hands-down. For me, it isn't just what the character's personality is like, or how important they are, but how well they're written. Kaladin feels real, not this odd OP hax guy, but someone who develops slowly, but steadily. Book one's Kaladin really showed him coming into his own. That was the culmination of a long, long ride, imho.
  5. Name: Dio Brando Alliance: Adeptus Mechanicus Position: Leader Alliance Forums: We do not have any. Alliance IRC or discord link: https://discord.gg/wF7e5g Did you pm Kayser in game? (y/n): I believe this should be updated. Wouldn't mind an embassy or a consulate.
  6. Dio

    The Way of Kings

    Best moment: Kaladin turning super soldier and coming to Dalinar’s rescue /thread