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  1. You'd have to define "good" and "bad" in regards to human behavior. I've learned that most people are selfish in their core, they may do good things, or be a good person, but many times this stems from a desire to please or bring recognition to themselves. In which case I ask, are they really good? The question is so much more than just good vs bad, and there are a lot of judgements and assumptions made when deeming someone "good" or "bad". I'll judge myself for an example. I know that I am naturally lazy and self-centered, i can be mean to people, I lie sometimes, I genuinely hate some people. Hearing this you might consider me a bad person (of course, I only told you the bad about myself). I could make equally long lists of the "bad" and "good" I've done, but like I said, considering I'm self-centered brings into question the motives for anything "good" I do. Some would argue that the motive doesn't matter because you're still doing something "good", but that is focused on the effect, not the cause. The cause will reflect a person's nature, and the cause oftentimes, is selfishness. I believe this is where love comes into play, when it's too difficult to judge someone's character on how "good" or "bad" they are, judge them by how they love their fellow humans. Love must be selfless to be true, I wouldn't give my best friend a hug and tell them everything will be okay in private for my own gain, that is an act of love. I wouldn't anonymously pay for someone's food because it looked like they had a bad day out of pride, it would be an act of love. Are people good or bad? They're undoubtedly both, but they also have an incredible capacity to love, and not utilizing that love (often called compassion) is where we fail as people. Anyway, I hope this makes sense.
  2. I'm with Lordship. Mayweather is an arrogant douchebag, and even though he's a superb boxer I really want to see him lose. I'd put money on McGregor simply out of spite/principle.
  3. I'll do a News from the frontlines section covering wars/raids/espionage etc.
  4. Nothing could ever bash IC's legs.
  5. I'd just go take pictures of you all without you knowing, then ask @TheCreepyLurker why I'm having to do his job. Also, Micchan won't even join Slack, what makes anyone think she'd show up to a meetup?
  6. I would write a section if I could write whatever I wanted.
  7. @Aegis happy late birthday dude
  8. My life would be a sad drama to start, turn into an angsty teen comedy, then a sad romance, then a drama, and then a semi-funny sitcom
  9. In the year 2500, the robot overlords created by IC (who then rebelled and enslaved humanity) round up the 3 champions of the: BATTLE OF THE HEROES BATTLE ROYALE for the ultimate and final fight to the death. The arena: fully stocked with weapons, traps, 2 hot air balloons and a 2001 Ford Focus (4 door). The combatants! Infinite_Citadel, 180 pounds of pure strategic prowess. Once deadlifted Optimus Prime. Legs are made of steel. Lordship, works out 28 hours/day and 400 days/year. Only man to successfully coup Infinite_Citadel. Is a fine Gentleman. Micchan, 90 "105" pounds of pure shitposting Once crashed every server on Earth by posting animemes. Ability to create an alliance when already in an alliance. Ernsters, never customizes his order at restaurants. Is good at Call of Duty (but not technically). Buys games only when on sale. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT
  10. Placed in an arena in the year 2498AD, these heroes are forced to fight to the death for the entertainment of the robot overlords. The arena comes fully stocked with weapons, traps, an underground tunnel system and vending machines full of Cool Ranch Doritos and Mountain Dew.
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