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  1. sath80jb

    Hi there !

    Welcome bro to TKR!! Nice getting to know you. I must say, an excellent introduction!
  2. sath80jb


    Heard of Runescape. Never played it though. How old are you?
  3. sath80jb


    Welcome Brandon!
  4. sath80jb

    Obligatory greetings from the Empire

    Hello there Pepe! Welcome to TKR.
  5. sath80jb

    Hello there..

    Likewise bro!! Cheers!
  6. sath80jb


    Welcome Phyo!! I used to play Dota 2 as well. But i suck at it lolz and usually feed, so I quit for world peace.
  7. sath80jb

    Hello there..

    Thanks @themadstork!!
  8. sath80jb

    Hello there..

    Ah you mean WoW. I have friends who played that, but I didn't give it a go as I was into other games already. I do play Dota 2 occasionally nowadays and I did play Warcraft Frozen Throne.
  9. sath80jb

    Hello there..

    Hey all, My friends call me Sath. I'm 38, from Malaysia and working in IT. I'm somewhat of an introvert - until i get drunk, and prefer spending my time reading or playing games. I used to be a footballer until I ruptured my ligaments and just last year, broke my arm. Nowadays, basically the only exercise I do is lifting - a can of beer that is. I use it as a painkiller I have always been an avid PC gamer. During the 90s I used to play a lot of different games by KOEI - it was extremely popular in our schools computer club. We had to share PCs but somehow, we managed to maintain a semblance of peace. Popular titles I still remember include RTK, Bandit Kings and Uncharted Waters. Later on, I upgraded to playing newer strategy games such as Dune and Red Alert. During my 20s up to early 30s, a friend of mine introduced me to MMORPGS, and then began the dark ages. I would spend hours sitting and building up my characters. My most favourite were Atlantica Online - a turn based RTS battle system in a MMORPG- as well as Uncharted Waters Online - a role playing open world sailing game. I would recommend these 2 titles to anyone without a life!! As for reading, I started with Dickens when I was just a boy and ended up with Asimov and Baxter in my adulthood. I loved the Foundation series and the idea of space and time travel intrigue me. Other authors I love include Raymond E. Feist, John Grisham, Jeffrey Archer... list goes on. I find P&W very enjoyable, and the friends I've made so far, rather intelligent and make good company. I've been pleasantly surprised to see how the young kids in TKR are so smart (not to mention rather mischievous) and now I'm afraid of the future (I have a 7 year old daughter). Hope to grow together and make more friends along the way. Cheers!! That's all from me for now, there's more to come! p.s Normally I rarely post stuff on forums or frequent public chats (my motivation at this time is obviously the reward but I will try to be more active with sharing). I have a facebook account, though I don't remember when I was last on it I prefer chatting person to person or in small groups but lately I have been trying to mingle in with the boisterous crowd and so far so many of you have been very nice to me - even when I'm arguing.
  10. sath80jb


    Hello there Welcome!!