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  1. I went to english class for IELTS and Teacher said: "how do you respond when your girlfriend says she can't go out with you today?"

    I said that We respond "it's okay, your best friend is here instead!"
    And whole class laughed! (Including the teacher himself!) 

  2. Hello people! I just Started a club about Musics! main Idea is to introduce good musics that we like, to other members and see who likes what type of the music! and we can also talk about introduced musics there. So hurry up and join!
  3. If you add Iran, I will join !
  4. I'm a newbie here. Tell me how to do it!
  5. What is the use of these Clubs? If nobody uses them why we still have them? Oh, I have an Idea! We can make Clubs for football (and footboll) teams and people can join their favorite clubs and talk about their favorite team and stuff!
  6. Hi.. what is this "TEST" about? I thought that there's gonna be a text to find a position in the alliance! Like entrance tests!
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