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  1. We’ve lived man we’ve lived
  2. I am going for beastiality for sure
  3. My name is modi, I too am a devIAnt
  4. Short answer yes we are
  5. Firefighter exams, first responder exams, breathing apparatus exams as well as some technical exams I am also starting my beekeeping modules this year once completed I will be able to call my self a master beekeeper lol
  6. Why would you drive into London
  7. Good point modi 1 is nearly at the age he can understand the game, doesn’t that count for resolution 3, unfortunately Mrs Modi doesn’t want to play ......
  8. Check discord more often Do more stuff with the wife do more stuff with the kids do more stuff with the wife and kids
  9. I am pretty sure if bullshit was on the list I would tick it ......
  10. Celery is a big one too, so much so it’s on our list in the station
  11. Nope, iron stomach me! Milk 4 days out of date not a problem for me to drink! Raw eggs slide them down the ol gullet
  12. I don’t need drink to do that
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