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  1. Modi

    08/12/18 - Work Christmas Party

    I don’t need drink to do that
  2. Modi

    08/12/18 - Work Christmas Party

    Boom went last night, beat the people who publicly challenged me to a drinking contest too!
  3. Modi


    IP verification completed
  4. Modi

    4/12/18 - Baseball v Keno v Dice

    Where is posting on the forums option?
  5. Modi

    We should get this place going again.

    I will be willing to give that a go
  6. Start doing the polls so that all can get involved and it won’t be a problem
  7. You need to add none of the above @Hariff else you can vote if there is no one in a particular field
  8. Modi

    24/11/18 - Clickbait IQ Test

    Nope, though I didn’t read questions and just hit a random answer
  9. Modi

    22/11/18 - Favourite Game Genres

    Who is gonna pick stealth
  10. Modi

    quest to 1000 pages

  11. And if you're a windrunner *clearly the best order* it’s a five that’s right I am looking at you @Benfro