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    There’s Greenway which was her house, that’s managed by the national trust now, and located between Brixham and Paignton best way to get to it is via a cruise from Paignton Harbour, up the Dart. There is also a section in Torquay Museum dedicated to her and Lt Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett, who was a Torquay Explorer who disappeared during a expedition to the Amazon Rainforest
  2. Modi


    Lived in my hometown, cant say i have ever read her books though
  3. Modi

    TKR Favourite Sport Poll

    I wanna know who are NFL players are 🤩
  4. Modi

    WoW gamers

    Nice I flirt between playing usually on alliance on earthen ring!
  5. Modi

    WoW gamers

    How many world of Warcraft players are here? If so shout up your faction and server!
  6. Modi


    Hey Brady welcome to the knights. if you haven’t already go choose an order (wind runners are clearly the best ) get yourself signed up on slack and come meet our other members. If if you have any questions feel free to ask
  7. Modi

    Words of Radiance

    Just ordered the second book part one for reading material for the holiday! I had accidentally ordered part 2 first lol 😂
  8. Modi

    Guess Who Will Post Next

    Nope haris
  9. Modi

    The Way of Kings

    I think it’s great how kaladin is evolving as a character, from blackest place one can be to find a cause he thought was lost forever, to have the balls to take another bite of that cherry and begin the process all over again!
  10. Modi


    Hi Ryan welcome to the knights and the war! lookforward to seeing you on slack
  11. Modi


    Football 🏈 or football ⚽️ Welcome me to the knights look forward to seeing you on slack!
  12. Modi

    Poll of the Day(10/6/18)

    I feel your pain, however on the plus side I have taught myself to shave with a cut throat razor instead! Because beards are a no go I will shave in style!
  13. Modi

    Poll of the Day(10/6/18)

    I can grow a badass beard however Mrs Modi dislikes beards with a passion, top tip for you younger guys happy wife happy life.
  14. Modi

    Yui Introduction

    Hey nice to meet you! nice to see some more Brits about, we have a few kicking around here 😊 @Blink @Haris to name a couple so so important questions 1. What cake? 2. On a cream tea is it jam first or cream first?