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  1. This particular flight was not overbooked - it was exactly correct. 4 airline employees got the seats in a last minute customer bump. they needed to get to another city (5 hour driving time) for a morning flight.
  2. Texans Steelers Seahawks Giants
  3. jannyjohn


    Asheville NC USA
  4. 66 but i've played enough computer games to be 27. take me out and stone me.
  5. jannyjohn


    Godfather II - hands down
  6. from NJ to NC to OK to TX to NM to NV to CA to OR to ID to WY to SD to IL to PA and back to NJ NC to TN to AL to MS to LA to TX and back NC to KY to MO to KS and back
  7. ALL HAIL JANNYJOHN THE VILLAGE IDIOT! I just checked my entry and realized that I somehow entered a blank sheet instead of my actual sheet. The blank sheet has a ranking of 13,024,813 while my actual sheet has a ranking of 910,093 . I have a 240 for the 1st round of my non-sheet but I busted on Michigan State anyway. Good luck all!
  8. Is there a cabin in the woods?
  9. Dead animal skins are gross for clothing
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