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  1. New Members Introduction

    Yes ! Another bond smith for our glorious ranks
  2. Hi there everybody

  3. Hi there everybody

    The video game faction that my nation is based on
  4. Hi there everybody

    Welcome to TKR ! as is a customary tradition I have I must ask, @cibence do you support the Enclave ?
  5. All About Russel (Russman)

    I play fallout, But I used to run in cross country I guess I was pretty good at it but it wasn't my style. On that note, as is customary, I must ask; @Russel do you support the Enclave ?
  6. The Story of the my PnW life, as told by puppies.

    unless you put nails in the bat
  7. An Interesting Story in Short

    http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Enclave here is the wiki article on them
  8. An Interesting Story in Short

    I worship the fallout bible, it's in my room on my nightstand. (it's a real book) Also, @Bhuto as is customary in TKR I must ask, Do you support the Enclave ?
  9. Haiz

    but he likes the Enclave
  10. Haiz

    aww he loves up <3 and he loves the Enclave <3 this guy is the best ! sorry yir but Yir Yoronti < Keenan
  11. Haiz

    I like this guy
  12. Haiz

    @Keenan Allan , Do you support the Enclave ?
  13. Appliying

    Hello there ! welcome to our forums. Please post your application here: http://www.knightsradiant.pw/forum/3-welcome-station/ Using this format: Ingame Ruler: Link to Nation: Previous Alliances and reasons for leaving: (put n/a if you're new to the game) Recruited by: Thanks !
  14. Oh

    I've played over 2000 on fallout 3 alone
  15. Oh

    You may be smart but do you have an encyclopedic knowledge of fallout ?