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  1. Anyways, 


    Folks let's start picking nations.  I'd suggest everyone throw out 2-3 options, and then we can work on spacing everyone out.  It looks like the vote totals favor Saturday Night and Worldwide.


    Something like (this is an example and not my choices):



    Choice 1: France
    Choice 2: Mamluks

    Choice 3: Palembang

    Hours Played: ~250


    I suggest that we ban Austria, Prussia, Ming, and the Ottomans.

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  2. Hey folks, 



    It seems we've got a few new people looking to play some EU4 with us.  Maybe we could get ourselves a nice little official session going again.  I'm setting up some polls to gauge interest and format.


    For questions 2 & 3, you can choose as many options as you like.  We can also get into more specifics about rules and timing later on.


    If you're interested and not in #paradox or masked on discord, please join the channel and let me know to mask you!


    Get ready for some skanderberging,


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  3. 7 hours ago, Nizam Adrienne said:

    I think I'm most looking forward to Petra of those I have left though

    You have to walk through like 3 miles of camel shit and knickknack swindlers to get there though (and that's after driving for hour(s) in the desert).  Among the 7, Machu Picchu sounds cooler imo.  But if you're in the levant, many greater sights to see especially in Israel and Lebanon.  Its like ruins galore with stuff from early beduin societies, Assyrian artifacts, lot and lots of Roman landmarks, and on through the ottomans.

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  4. 43 minutes ago, Mitsuru said:

    You really can't bare to be wrong, do you?

    I mean no I can't, but here I'm just trying to make a joke about Canadians.  Text is hard to express that, but Canadians are an easy target to be the butt of a joke. 

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