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  1. LOVE IT! , hopefully you can get a few who wanna do it. I'm up for it and don't mind if there's an entry fee aswell. If you wanted to do a test run see how many would get on board you could probably do a one off short competition with Takeover & Wrestlemania 35 , then start the season after and maybe finish at Wrestlemania 36. A year does sound long though sonif you wanted to shorten the season you could go from a year and make it every 6 months as you say there might be AEW and Impact (Maybe New Japan aswell ) Predictions , so no need to finish it on Wrestlemania.
  2. I'm the same @nashnwo0 Looking forward to NXT Takeover more , i'm not bothered about much of the Wrestlemania card but i'll still watch , you never know it might surprise me AJ vs. Orton will be interesting ,though i do find Randy Orton a bit boring i think him and AJ could have good chemistry. I hope the Miz beats Shane an Mcintyre beats Reigns , Mcintyre needs the win more. I don't think Kofi will beat Dainel Bryan. An thats what i was on about the other night when i was watching Impact it made me cringe so much!
  3. It'd be great if they surprised us and Becky tapped Ronda out.
  4. @nashnwo0 Yeah they really don't seem to know what they'm doing , at one point it looked like they was doing the exact same thing with Becky and Kofi , and then you've got Vince having a panic moment and calling up the 4 best nxt guys to the main roster , i tell you i'm looking forward to AEW giving WWE some competition , it'll stop WWE's monopoly an make them think things out a bit more. Looking forward to Wrestlemania weekend?
  5. @Har1s Yeah i don't think i could do it again
  6. If i've gotta pick its seriously gonna be Barry Chuckle. Everyday i would come back from school switch CITV on and there would be the Chuckle Brothers , even into adulthood if i saw Chucklevision was on i'd more than likely switch it on. And if i'm ever moving anything with someone else , lets say furniture , you can bet we'm both saying "to me , to you , to me , to you"
  7. I Played SimCity 2000, Sim City 3000 and SimCity 4 + the Rush Hour expansion LOVED IT! But I never played the later games they didn't look good.
  8. Saw the Specials a few years ago , great night!
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