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  1. Miller

    09/01/18 - New Years Resolutions

    Be a nicer person. Don't bother, it's overrated.
  2. Miller

    06/01/18 - Virtual Worlds

    None of the above
  3. Miller

    08/12/18 - Work Christmas Party

    Where's the "yeah but I'm not going because it's a work thing and I'm not getting paid and that's the only reason I acknowledge most of these people" option?
  4. Miller

    16/11/18 - TKR Secret Santa

    Don't know about the UK but I'm pretty sure you can't ship anything to Iran from the US due to sanctions. That's what arash was hinting at.
  5. Miller

    Last person to post wins

  6. Miller

    quest to 1000 pages

    Come on, come on, come on, come on
  7. Miller

    quest to 1000 pages

    That's unpossible
  8. Miller

    quest to 1000 pages

    I blame it on them sucking
  9. Miller

    quest to 1000 pages

    Yankees suck
  10. Miller

    quest to 1000 pages

    Delaware, home of the most incompetent drivers on the east coast.
  11. Miller

    quest to 1000 pages

    Rhode Island