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  1. McCain having no votes saddens me. He was a straight shooter where you really didn't need to guess where he was. He lived and died with dignity and left a legacy that I hope sets the standard for future politicians. Whether you agreed with his politics or not, his style was undeniable. The video with the lady calling Obama a muslim and him straight up rejecting it is one of the best moments in politics to me.
  2. Avicii hit me hard. Partially because of how it happened and partially because of how generous of a person he was. His music was great but he donated millions of dollars to hunger relief around the world.
  3. EDM is barely broken down and the differences in a lot of the EDM genres are pretty huge. I love Tropical House and Chillstep but cannot stand Techno at all.
  4. But that is Apple's business model. You get their stuff, their way. You don't have to play with it, adjust it or do anything to it. It just works. Want advanced features and to be able to fully control your device? Go somewhere else. They don't care. You're not their target audience. They want full control.
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