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  1. Ohhhh shit I am hearing Eawi now ,wtf!
  2. Hi, there this is another suggestion this time by @Haris. Welcome to the The Frequency Poll What do you hear, Yanni ou Laurel? I hear Yanni, from what I gather that is the most common answer although in theory they are both in the audio, just in different frequencies. Laurel is lower frequencies and Yanni in higher frequencies.
  3. Welcome to the "How old are you " poll. I am 18 years old .
  4. Hello and Welcome to "The Civil War" Poll. Where you choose between Slack; Discord ; IRC; TKR Forums; OWF I personally think that they all are cool, and they all have their ups and downs ( except IRC which isn't used anymore) P.S: Thanks @Haris for the suggestion
  5. Since the The Tinder thread was so much of a success, I Think this thread is going to have a good turnout. Welcome To The "We aren't together" Thread
  6. It always is, i actually haven't watched UK's preformance is it good?
  7. The funniest thing is that the only song i reallllllllllllly disliked freaking won after hearing most songs my winner would have been the Netherlands.
  8. Ah that's ok i didn't like our song either
  9. It´s the Worldvision song contest now
  10. Since it is the Final today, i just thought " Fuck it, i will do it!"
  11. Good morning and Welcome to The Eurovision Song Contest 2018!!...ugh i mean Eurovision Poll I have no favourite, since i haven't watched any songs (except Norway which i disliked). Here is the playlist with all songs There is also a live stream on that channel to watch the final.
  12. I personnaly found the trailer a bit weird and foggy, idk i don't have high hopes for this one Welcome to The Solo Poll Also people have a tendency of saying "Han solo" wrong *grunts*
  13. Bus and Desliga. I made this poll while i only had 10 mins in the morning, have some mercy will you
  14. Welcome to The Penalty Poll! This poll is brought to you by @Haris . Since he gave the suggestion
  15. Those are always good for laughing lmao
  16. Pity I wanted to know someone who did I was referring to News in general not just newspapers ,Angevin.
  17. Welcome to the Newspaper poll. I don't have an exact preference over digital or Physical newspaper.
  18. I must apologize but there is no space for more sports, the max is 20
  19. Hi there, Welcome to The Sports Poll. This is also an old poll, created originally by Ryan Miller, one of the latest Pollmasters. I personally like watching Hockey, Football (the kind you play with the feet), Ski, Archery. I love Doing archery, playing football, and Volleyball is fun.
  20. Long term i was thinking Marrige or a likewise long Relationship( Girlfriend/ Boyfriend) To The other points made out my guess is as good as any
  21. Good morning everyone , i want to know your general opinion about relationships. I personally belive in long term relationships, even though i have seen them spirral downwards. Welcome to The Tinder Poll Voter's names are hinden for privacy and persecution related issues.
  22. ups i forgot to put ginger ale in there, great drink!
  23. I went to denmark and fell in love with it, unfortunatelly they only ship it to Greenland.
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