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  1. Welcome to the Soda Poll. i dont have time to write the rest
  2. It is horrible dont try it, it is definetely not worth it
  3. I wanted to put it but it is capped at 20 options, however i edited it now you can now chose the mead option
  4. So i wont be on my usual schedule tommorow so this is a preemptive poll, so this is the poll of the day for tommorow (lelel) so being drunk with friends this afternoon gave me my next poll subject, which is alcohol (forgive for i am not clearly sober yet and my knowledge about the alcohol is limited) so i will use the magical power of Google. So i present to you the alcohol poll. I personnally prefer Irish Wisky, Dark beer (Guinness) and martini's.
  5. Too many RPG's and Harry Potter.
  6. I am, it is easy to learn, i simply very bad at writting that word and words like Philosophy . idk why but they are hard to remember Thanks for the heads up
  7. Not really the boss of anything , in M'ilord's Threads we are all brothers and Kamarades.
  8. Jack of trades, master of none.
  9. The major member base, is not european football friendly, the turnout would have been low.
  10. Welcome to the Major Subject Poll, this poll is about...well the tittle says it all Major subjects like math , biology, Chemestry, whatever you may study you may select. I favour Biology, Philosophy, Physics.
  11. I see that some of you dont eat a strong breakfast or dont eat at all, i am worried about your wellbeing, a bad breakfast makes a bad day.
  12. Breakfasts are a great way to start the day and give you energy, since you were fasting while asleep your brain is in dire for energy to start his motion throught the day. I like to eat cereals and a hot egg in the morning , not exactly in that order. what about you ? This is the Breakfast club Poll.
  13. New Poll Tommorow (14 Hours) I would also like to say that i will follow Poll Suggestion thread on this subforum, so any ideas are welcome.
  14. Probably had a few more percentage of Slytherin than Gryffindor.
  15. You are a Cute ,gregarious person who likes Honour and Knowledge.
  16. While slytherin is a house connected with Lord Voldmort, it would be wrong to consider Slytherin Wholly evil, since according to the lore great wizards like Merlin where Slytherins, still the house is poor in an ethical sense since most of the times for them the end justifies the means.
  17. hi there, i personally like Harry Potter and all its wonders, but it was not always so, a long Time ago( actually not that long) in a galaxy much like ours, I was unaware of the greatness of Harry Potter, yup, this one had only watched the first 3 films, and like them a lot, but for some freaking stupid reason would never watch the rest of the franchise. Fortunately that changed as M'ilord finally had the guts and the claws and the dry fur to watch the franchise, and it was wonderful. I am a Gryffindor myself ( but have a big percentage of Slytherin). So here it is the :The Sorting Hat Poll Say what house you are or want to be, say why or just don't say a word, either way it is fine. oh here is a quizz if you want to find out, pottermore was a way better quizz but you have to sign up. https://www.buzzfeed.com/eleanorbate/accurate-af-sorting-quiz?utm_term=.fwM2QBmnv6#.jb2v05pbXY
  18. Since in the last Poll of the day Bear gave a suggestion about bidets and whatnot I give you The Bidet Poll Me being in Europe i only have experience with bidets and not bum guns.
  19. A poll for 48 hours not 2 for 24 hours. lol i have life you know
  20. Yah i remember alyster, and cenna, both had a tragic end.
  21. Hi there everybody, I am going to start a series of daily polls or maybe two days polls, since some of the membership has changed since the last pollmaster some of these polls might be a remake for old members, but for the most it will be brand new. The first one is a TKR classic. The Toilet Paper Poll I personnally perfer Over.
  22. https://forum.politicsandwar.com/index.php?/topic/230-the-green-protection-agency/& troll
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