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  1. sure I am a political Frankenstein so I can please almost anyone, plus being a partial commie, is already a severe handicap, so I have to lower standards
  2. I just want to hear and see michan yelling and doing gestures at the weather.
  4. Generalisation, never got anything right Not all blacks are pickpockets. Not all moors are bombers. Not all whites are rich and spoiled.
  5. Who needs money when you have a thrilling adventure
  6. TA! Come see again! OR I'LL PLUCK OUT YOUR EYES!! HAHAHHAAA!!
  7. Or simply close your browser, both are wrong.
  8. Haha i AM the most extroverted in the alliance.
  9. My closest ally is Michan. I will be there in a few days.
  10. Would also have changed some else's decision, to make their life dope besides my decision change.
  11. Can i be a khajit, I would pierce the enemy easily
  12. I will stand with my death to EU banner.
  13. I throughly dislike the EU and bankers, so idk.
  14. An apple isn't an animal it is lifeless But eating animals for survival is logical as it is in the wild How do you know that the mouse experiment was going to save the bald kid? What right have you over the mouse, just because he is dumber and smaller you can force him do to your bidding Can we extrapolate that to the worldwide human population? I might not have priorities but you lack values
  15. We got to start somewhere, and everywhere. If the death penalty isn't allowed due to the fact that we have no say in others peoples life and death, Then we can't force other animals because that is what we are, animals , to act as test subjects and possibly die.
  16. She might win the primary but afterwards she will lose against fillion.
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