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  1. This must be an American thing.
  2. I watched Ghost in The shell from 1995. Amime and philosophy quite nice.
  3. Other: The gov should own the banks, they are key positions in the economy land.
  4. The Price is right 10000/1: Great backstory, bit it could be better, you never know where the new characters come from. John, the magical tree -10/10 : John doesn't do a fucking thing all season, maybe he isn't so magical after all. The Chronicles of Sir Ray of L.A 1/10 :has it turns out all he does every episode , is consuming cocaine, but at least there's that episode where he goes out but forgets his cocaine doses , due to this he starts a killing frenzy on Malibu surfrider beach.
  5. In some Countries The Euro is highly disadvantageous ( I know the euro zone, is different from the EU but I usually put them together
  6. And my father calls me William tel ( Guilherme tel in Portuguese) and Robin wood
  7. My home tougue is Portuguese. But I speak English.and tiny bit of French. And currently learning swedish.
  8. No, greed propels people to screw over other people, most of them don't work hard just know the shortcuts to an inaspendable wealth, while other due to circumstances live in the streets , saying that all poor people are lazy bastard cats, is like saying that all Muslims are terrorist and all Jews like money, it is an hurried generalisation.
  9. Ad hominems are not necessary to win debates, unless you feel like suppressing you opponents which is weak..
  10. Oh i Also use Milord and Algoz as nicknames . Milord was actually created and institutionalised by my Uncle. He played a lot of WoW so I don't know about origins, but I have always thought that it was createD with the purpose of me being called My- Lord by other people( except that one guy who calls melurd on Xbox live , dirty Mexican) Algoz is just Ancient Portuguese for Hangman.
  11. In the highschool my close friends call me Sinid its simply one of my many names backwards.
  12. Wasnt the Israeli land given to them by the Brits after ww2? I thought so.
  13. The huge rock one, is Portuguese.
  14. Dont care not my country not my history.
  15. No end doesn't justify the means, therefore is not it ethical..
  16. With the US gone we need a strong militar in the east and Mediterranean.
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