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  1. That's why I can become invisible ,and whisper in peoples ears making them crazy , and eventually I would save people.
  2. I freeze people's drink and run away laughing
  3. I want be a battlemage that knows every single spell for every school of magic.
  4. 1 get badass at archery 2 Start killing the zombies and saving people 3 Have Girlfriend 4 Kill all the zombies 5 Shoot the shit out of the Meteor and kill it NEXT
  5. Flash Arrow DC s Legends of tomorrow The librarians Shadowhunters Shannara chronicles The Magicians Aftermath Dark matter
  6. I give up Learn English will u?
  7. Its When do I ever mess up? Not every.
  8. Don't be sad blackie , you can be the third in command.
  9. You don't even know who Nelson Mandela is.
  10. Well in Portugal is considered shit because we don't like pirates, idk about the Roman Imperialists over there.
  11. I didn't care and only cared about the underating part.
  12. Michan gets really offended when we don't pick the same movie that her, its like we are damaging her intellect or some shit.
  13. X men was better and i cant rate what I have not seen
  14. Not a very good year for the seventh art
  15. Michan please why don't u just put a bunch of dead people as competition so u can win the prize.
  16. Hey that phrase is copyrighted mate!
  17. Their pursue of false glory , has driven them mad , haha Amazing
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