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  1. I only play morrowblivion on PC, oblivion and skyrim I play in my Xbox. Interesting knowledge u have, do u have any other favourite daedric princes, sanguine and clavicus vile and peryte are pretty fun. In terms of nine divines I prefer akatosh.
  2. I feel like I am talking to myself. Oblivion is by far the best elder scrolls, the world interaction is great. and I have always asked that to myself, if the Lord of daedric madness(Sheogorath) was created by the downfall of the daedric lord of order (jygallag) what does that make him? But then again I think sheogorath and jygallag are the same maybe jygallag is bipolar.idk And shivering isles is a very good dlc.
  3. Real men do their quest lines on their own and a pretty lady.
  4. Omg omg omg omg omg omg omg Thanks Ic I love elder scrolls what's ur favourite game ?
  5. GDP: $6,879,778,864.70 GDP per Capita: $3,211.74 I have 11 cities
  6. I can't do that I would look like a jihadist, I commit myselft to only doing my neckbeard and moustache and leave the whole chin raw.Deal?
  7. Woot=Turtle Bear Bear=Anorexic Bear Tormato=Bridge Bear.
  8. Yr wyddfa sounds like a made up name , like someone choking in a restaurant. Jk.
  9. That's just 609.6 metres bro I do that every fortnight. But welcome back
  10. That's just one more minute than me and I am 16.
  11. I ran a mile in 7mins and 36 seconds.
  12. I havê played magic but u should try Hearthstone or Elder scrolls legends.
  13. Let's build a wall and make each other pay for it.
  14. Well I already play a RP game, its called Politics and War.
  15. Flag: Nation Name: Lusitacvs Leader Name: Milord Currency: Krona History: Geography Continent: Europe Land Area: 22,530.76 sq. km Terrain: Highest Peak: Mt.Radiante, 1,505 meters Lowest Valley: Picv Basin, 0 meters Climate: The climate of lusitacvs is a very windy and at the same time sunny in the summer. In the winter the climate is rainy and windy. People & Society Population: 1,117,082 people Demonym: fish Demonym Plural: fishys Ethnic Groups: South white - 69.0% Nordic - 20.0% Asian - 11.0% Languages: Luso - 90.0% Dovah-zul - 10.0% Religions: Catholic - 85.0% Protestant - 5.0% Dragon Cult - 10.0% Health Life Expectancy: 95 years Obesity: 15.3% Alcohol Users: 59.7% Tobacco Users: 20.5% Cannabis Users: 1.2% Hard Drug Users: 0.4% Economy Description: This nation is a hibrid from the a communist economy and a capitalist economy, that may sound weird but it works. Average Yearly Income: $187.01 GDP: $3,104,143,057.56 GDP per Capita: $2,778.79 Industries: The major industries of lusitacvs are tourism industry ,cell phones industry, wine industry and tiles industry. Military History: Thy armed forces are filled with cute kittens. Soldiers: 133,939 Tanks: 9,303 Aircraft: 658 Ships: 0 Missiles: 0 Nuclear Weapons: 0
  16. Globalisation kills minor cultures. ...DONE.
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