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  1. Android Tablets best than stinky non mobile Devices.
  2. WTF is The Knights Radiant? o/BoC
  3. We have to exterminate the pagan shows that lurk the world.
  4. So now u are sexist and making lame excuses. Really pitiful
  5. Lol u are 168 cm so idk what u are talking about.
  6. I didn't remembered judging anyone,u simply called metric retarded and wanted a justification. So u are saying measuring systems are cultures,right And there is no better culture, all cultures are the same unless a culture hurts a third party, therefore u can't call metric retarded nor me cuz I don't want to learn a second measurement system that is not even used here.
  7. Pls write a coherent justification.
  8. I am not from The USA , I measure 174 and the national average in Portugal is 174 or 175
  9. 5.7 its the national average
  10. I had problems with fire when I was young, its under control now
  11. Lisbon,Portugal And since when is Scandinavia a continent or the middle east?
  12. 1: We are officially necromancers we rose Cenna from the death.
  13. I feel bad, making you wright this, in my earlier statement I forgot to put /s I was being sarcastic
  14. He was threatening a little boy , how can u even say that? /s
  15. I missed the Ricky polls of jewbrish It fills my Randometer.
  16. Seven kingdoms is actually from GoT.
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