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  1. Woot

    WYR? 3

    Barely sounds any better than just living once and dying. With a memory wipe and completely different experiences they'd basically be different people with little connection to me. How much would you pay right now to know that you'd lived 9 lives before and to start randomly remembering small moments of them?
  2. Woot

    WYR? 3

    It depends on how it works. Would I have to get born and live as a baby 9 times while having an adult mind? Would I spend 900 years as a world-famous freak of nature getting studied all the time because I'm the only one living that long?
  3. Woot

    1995 Movies

    It's a pretentious art film and I'm sure it's terrible. There's a lot of them at the top of rotten tomatoes for every year, I figured I'd spare 1 of the 20 allowed poll options for one of them.
  4. Woot

    1995 Movies

    The movie polls are back.
  5. I think the characters have been the most important thing with Star Trek. TOS is cheap and dated and every episode is absurd but with Kirk, Spock, Bones, Scotty, Sulu, and Chekov it's still the 2nd best series. Voyager is the worst I've watched because every single character sucked. The most entertaining one they had was The Doctor, so they milked and flanderized him until he became as boring as the rest of them. A handful of my favorite star trek episodes ever are from Voyager - "Nemesis" and "Dreadnought" come to mind, which happen to be episodes where the whole annoying cast is gone except for a single character.
  6. I haven't actually watched Enterprise yet.
  7. Micchan, queen of the forums, should either do the job or appoint one of her subjects.
  8. Fine, we won't invade Italy then.
  9. I think the Argies started that war when they invaded territory held by Britain for a century, settled by British people who were almost 100% in favor of British rule. Do you really think she should have done nothing, or that any other prime minister would have done differently?
  10. Just looking at their strength on paper Colombia's military is bigger, richer, and more experienced, and it's backed by a state that isn't failing. I don't know of any special quality Venezuela might have over Colombia.
  11. Does nobody see the irony that big unions are some of the strongest monopolies that exist in this country? Just because a cartel is controlling labor instead of oil or internet service doesn't make it a great idea for an efficient economy. Anything a union can do can be done better through law, so if we're dreaming up a perfect system then what's with the unions?
  12. You're a shitty replacement for Sargun
  13. No, it's really not unique to this issue at all. The cost benefit consideration works the exact same way as it does on any other question of animal rights. You balance the benefit to humans on one end of the scales, and you balance the harm to animals on the other end. If someone thinks animal testing isn't worth it, their scales are unbelievably weighted towards one side. Weighted so heavily towards one side that if someone used them consistently, they would have joined the voluntary human extinction movement by now instead of being around to vote in a poll like this. Is that clear enough?
  14. What I mean is that almost anything you do in life causes more harm to animals for less benefit. Based on some cursory googling: let's estimate that a million animals big enough to care about suffer a horrible research death every year. Divide that into the population and multiply by a lifespan, and you get about 0.25 animals killed in your lifetime for research. Or if I'm off by a huge factor, let's say a whole animal or two is killed in your lifetime for research. Imagine going through your life and cutting out anything activity you do, any product you consume, that kills even a single animal in an entire lifetime and has less benefit to you than all the medicine and science that's come from animal research. Can that be done? It might seem difficult to imagine how it's possible, but there's one way to do it - jump on a compost pile and strangle yourself with some organic hemp rope. That's basically what I was getting at with my comment.
  15. From what I've seen serious economists seem to be split about 50/50 on minimum wage - it's not a question with an easy simple answer. I'm going to take the useless cop out - choosing "other" and saying that some a different system like a negative income tax would be more efficient than any minimum.
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