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  1. Alright i watched all three seasons of overlord and it was amazing. I liked the story, characters and the graphics and visuals. Ya the main character is over powered along with his servants but Ainz is just great. He is also the first anti-hero character that i have seen in an anime that is a main character. Yes if you watch overlord Ainz was an anti-hero....... possibly an outright villian. He does help people and save a village but it is all just to gather information a out the new world he is in and is also the reason why he becomes an adventure, to get more information as quickly as possible by moving up the ranks. I dont want to say to much about this anime but you guys should definitely give it a go. I also watched the first season of konosuba and it was pretty funny. I liked how the goddess Aqua made fun of Kazuya on how he died and then told him that he could be resurrected in a fantasy world and become its hero by defeating the demon king and told him he could pick any powerful item to take with him to complete his task only to be constantly be made fun of by aqua on how he died and gets rushed by her to pick his item to hurry up the process which makes him angry causing him to pick her to go back with him instead and to see that it was allowed which Aqua didnt like. It was also funny to see that her intelligence was lower then his when they got their guild cards with their stats on them... ya she was better then him at everything else but he beat her when it comes to intelligence and well his adventure wont go anywheres due to her being completely useless. It was a funny anime and i cant wait for the second season.
  2. I thought isekai anime was an anime where the MC was either in their world or was teleported to another and is just really over powered to the point where it could be boring. But fantasy wise well, i just really like anime (and games) that are set in a fantasy world that is based in the dark ages with lords and knights and has magic and monsters. I just like it. The saga of tanya the evil was amazing, i love it def a 9/10 simply because im not sure how i felt about a psychotic 11 year oldgoing around slaughtering people while serving in the german army.... yes i knew immediately what world and time period the anime was set in. The countries had different names but the year, time period and world map made it obvious. But it did progress through 3-4 years so tanya is getting older and i like how it had a connection to both world wars, the biplanes, trench warfare, ww1 era weapons as well as ww2 era tanks and bombers along with bombers. I watched grimgar and it wasnt really all that great in my opinion, the art was ok but i just couldnt get into the story. Goblinslay was actually good, i liked it, probably because they show you just how violent, vicious and evil goblins really are where as other anime with goblins just shows them once or twice and thats it. And the MC actually says more then one line but could definitely be improved. I also watched re zero: life in another world. It was actually good, i liked the story, characters, art, graphics and how the character ended up in a fantasy world. The character also wasnt overpowered.... actually he isnt even strong even though he learns how to use magic but has no idea how to use it. The only thing i didnt like was his curse that allows him to come back to life. It was a good concept where when he dies time stops flowing and rewinds back to a previous point earlier in the day and he gets to keep his memories but everyone else loses theirs. Just i didnt like how many times he died and had to repeat the same day over again. The anime is 25 episodes long but only lasts a day or two short of a full week when it ends because of the number of times he had to repeat the same day over again and can only progress to the next day if he survives the day or night. Ya i was keeping track of the number of days he was in the fantasy world and he was only there for like 5 days but gives you the feeling he was there longer due to the number of times he had to repeat a day over again. O was also happy he killed petelguess because god i hated that villian.... he was just very annoying and very lame.
  3. I heard both grimgar and tanya are good, so im starting with tanya and grimgar after, guess i will find out if goblin slayer is good when i get to it. God blessing on this wonderful world is konosuba and is said to come out in fall/winter 2019.
  4. I thought a lot of stuff i watched was good, but atleast a decent amount was considered average. Looks like we have different taste in anime but tonight i will be giving the saga of tanya the evil a go then check out grimgar: ashes and illusions then give goblin slayer a go. Also waiting for fall/winter to watch gods blessing on this wonderful world.
  5. Can i not edit my post? Anyways after looking through some of this thread, I noticed that you basically use the animes japanese name and my list is mostly anime with their english names with an exception of a few so im not sure how many of these you seen already.
  6. @Micchan 1. A Certain Magical index 2. A certain magical index season 2 3. A certain magical index season 3 4. Absolute duo 5. Akame ga kill! 6. Akashic records of bastard magic instructor 7. Amagi brilliant park 8. Angel beats! 9. Aria the scarlet ammo 10. Armed girl’s machiavellism 11. Baka and test- summon the beasts 12. Baka and test- summon the beast season 2 i only watched both seasons of baka and test once, some years ago, not sure if they are still as good as i recall. 13. Battle girls: time paradox 14. Black bullet 15. Bleach ( and all for anime movies) 16. Blood blockade battle front 17. Blood blockade battle front and beyond ( bbbf season 2) 18. Blood lad 19. Blue exorcist 20. Campione! 21. Casshern sins 22. Chaos dragon 23. Chivarly of a failed knight 24. Chrome shelled regios 25. Cowboy bebop 26. D.gray-man 27. Date a live 28. Date a live season 2 29. Date a live season 3 ( just came out) 30. Death march to the parellel world rhapsody 31. Demon king daimo 32. Dragon ball 33. Dragon ball z 34. Dragon ball super 35. Fairy tail 34. Fairy tail series 2 ( picks up were season 1 ended in the middle of the magic games and also has the fairy tail zero episodes in it) 35. Fairy tail final series ( both fairy tail movies as well) 36. Full metal panic 37. Full metal panic the second raid 38. Full metal panic invisible victory 39. Full metal panic fumoffu ( think it takes place between the first and second season) 40. Gate 41. Gate season 2 42. Guilty crown 43. Heroic age 44. High school dxd 45. High school dxd born 46. High school dxd new 47. High school dxd hero 48. How not to summon a demon lord 49. Hundred 50. In another world with my smartphone 51. Infinite stratos 52. Infinite stratos season 2 53. Inuyasha 54. Inuyasha the final act 55. Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon ( believe this is danmachi) 56. Is this a zombie 57. Is this a zombie of the dead 58. Kabaneri of the iron fortress 59. Kakuriyo: bed and breakfast for spirits 60. Kamisama kiss 61. Kamasama kiss season 2 62. Kaze no stigma 63. Luck and logic 64. Masamune-kuns revenge 65. Nabari no ou 66. Nura: rise of the yokai clan 67. Nura: rise of the yokai clan demon capital 68. Overlord 69. Overlord ll 69. Overlord lll 70. Rosario + vampire 71. Rosario + vampire season 2 heard thatgonzo ended up doing their own thing with rosario + vampire and heavily catered to fan service and the creator dropped the story after season 2 when his contract with gonzo ended 72. Sengoku basara: samurai kings 73. Sengoku basara: samurai kings season 2 74. Sengoku basara: end of judgement ( not sure if season 3 or its own thing) 75. Shakugan no shana 76. Shakugan no shana ll 77. Shakugan no shana lll ( the studio that dubbed this series changed voice actors in season 2 and kept them for season 3 which was great) 78. Shonen onmyoji 79. Shuffle! 80. Sky wizards academy 81. Soul eater 82. Sword art online 83. Sword art online ll 84. Sword oratoria: is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon? On side ( same as danmachi but from the females point of view) 85. The ambition of oda nobuna 86. The asterisk war 87. The asterisk war season 2 88. The big o 89. The devil is a part-timer 90. The sacred blacksmith 91. The testament of sister new devil 92. The testament of sister new devil: burst 93. Tokyo ravens 94. Trigun 95. Trinity seven 96. Tsugumomo 97. Twin star exorcists 98. Vampire knight 99. Vampire knight: guilty 100. World break: aria of curse for a holy swordsman 101. Worldend: what do you do at the end of the world? Are you busy? Will you save us? 102. Yu yu hakusho: ghost files 103. Zero kara hajimeru mahou no sho
  7. Im kinda scared to share the names of the shows that i watched out of fear that @Micchan will be brutal.
  8. Why would i want to get to know more people. And well i pretty much did the same thing back when i first used slack all those months ago, installed it during war, talked to the boys and once the war ended i stopped using. Now it is just taking up space and im just about to un-install it. We can achieve the same thing on discord with a members only section and we can switch back and forth between web pages much faster then we can with slack.
  9. I see, everyone else is just haters.
  10. What is this wonderful place
  11. let me ask my grandpa sense you know.... he lived it while we only learned it and assume it mostly had to do with interest when there was actually more to it. Bet the answer i get isnt the answer im looking for cause you know "grandparents"
  12. Still doesnt answer my question but whatevs
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