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  1. Sheepy

    It's over, Forum Fighters won

    hmm i should reactivate my old account and start up the slack slackers
  2. Sheepy

    13/10/18 - Halloween Celebrations

    There were always Halloween specials on TV back when I was a kid. I guess it's not as festive now that we don't watch TV as much.
  3. Sheepy


    How do you do a movie night? Share a torrent of the movie somewhere?
  4. Sheepy

    10/10/18 - RP

  5. Sheepy

    Guess the TKR player

    let's make this a little harder
  6. Sheepy

    10/10/18 - RP

    Do you roleplay? For MMOs, it only counts if you RP a personality and character, rather than just playing a character.
  7. Sheepy

    Newspaper Picture Competition

    autumn lake ftw
  8. Sheepy

    06/10/18 - Whats your job?

    There's other types of engineering too - chemical, food, pharmaceuticals, electrical, mechanical. It's a bit funny to have science & technology as different options
  9. Sheepy

    08/10/18 - How often do you use Slack?

    This is not necessarily true. Forums were good for knowing people a while back, and great for communication. Just maybe not as real time war coordination. But forums were and still are a good means of community. When everyone goes on Slack, the forums go more idle. I can see why Micchan doesn't like it.
  10. Sheepy

    29/09/18 - Best TKR War?

    so this will be more like an age demographics poll where people pick the defining moment of their TKR military career
  11. Sheepy

    Guess the TKR player

    Yup, your turn.
  12. Sheepy

    Guess the TKR player

    Cloud Nation